Author: <span>IRIS FMP</span>

Author: IRIS FMP


5 Payroll Trends That Are Shaping the Future of Payroll

From Artificial Intelligence to full automation, discover the 5 emerging trends that are shaping the future of payroll for global businesses. Read on.

Global Legislation & Managing AI in the Workplace

Managing AI in the workplace is complex for any international business because of the different laws and regulations that exist in each country. Discover more here.

Your Guide to Payroll Parallel Testing

Payroll parallel testing ensures that your payroll function runs accurately and smoothly while you switch from an old legacy payroll system to a new one. Read our payroll parallel testing guide today.

Form 1099 for Foreign Contractors: The Need to Knows

In the United States, Form 1099 for foreign contractors is vital for reporting income paid to self-employed international contractors during the tax year and for avoiding severe financial penalties. Discover more.

Understanding the Foreign Worker Levy

The foreign worker levy is a fee imposed on employers by certain governments for hiring foreign employees from abroad or another country. Its primary aim is to promote the advancement of local workers over foreign talent. Read on.

A Guide to PILON and When to Use It

In the UK, PILON allows an employee’s contract to be terminated immediately without them working their notice period. But what is PILON and how does it work in the modern business world? Read on.

What is TUPE and How Does it Work?

TUPE provides legal protection for UK employees and their benefits during the process of a business transfer such as when ownership changes hands. Read on.

What does Spain’s “False Freelancer” Law Mean for Your Global Business? 

Spain’s false freelancer laws are designed to penalize employers for misclassifying workers as self-employed to avoid paying taxes and other costs including social contributions. Find out more.

The Death of the Eight Hour Workday?

The 8-hour workday was invented in the 19th Century to prevent labor exploitation during the Industrial Revolution. But has an 8-hour workday become an outdated concept in the modern digital age? Find out.

Understanding and Accounting for Earnouts in M&A

An earnout is a vital bargaining tool used by buyers and sellers during the process of Mergers & Acquisitions. But what exactly is an earnout in M&A, and why is it important? Find out more.

The Best 9 Countries for International Expansion in 2024

International expansion gives businesses access to new markets, diverse customer bases, and fresh collaborations. Discover the 9 most popular countries for international expansion in 2024.

Managing Change in the Workplace

Managing change in the workplace can be complicated and requires a clear, strategic approach, and effective communication with employees. Read on to discover more.

What is Corporate Restructuring & How Can You Achieve It?

From mergers and acquisitions to increasing profitability and reducing debt, corporate restructuring is an effective solution in the business world.

Exploring Employee Benefits: How Much Does It Cost?

When part of an employee compensation package, employee benefits and perks foster a positive work culture, promote staff wellbeing, and help to attract top talent. But how much do employee benefits cost an employer? Find out.

The EU Directive for Gender Pay Gap Transparency: What Your Business Must Know

The EU’s Pay Transparency Directive will affect thousands of workers across the EU, enabling companies to reduce the gender pay gap and close it. Read more.

Posted Workers Directive: A1 Requirements Employers Need to Know

Employers looking to post their workers out to an EU Member State may need to request an A1 form to do so. Find out everything you need to know here.

Gender Pay Gap Disclosure Law Introduced in Japan

Japan has introduced a gender pay gap disclosure law so larger corporations can report more accurately on gender balance in their workplace. Likewise, smaller organizations are also being asked to produce action plans for workplace equality. Find out everything you need to know here.

The EU Transparent and Predictable Working Conditions Directive (2019/1152): What Do You Need to Know?

The European Union Transparent and Predictable Working Conditions Directive updates the employment rights of over 182 million workers in the EU. Find out what it means for you.

Strategizing a Global Return to Work

Return to work strategies offer practical solutions which help organizations anywhere in the world recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.