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We Cover All Things HR to Make Your International Expansion Successful

Looking to hire international employees? With in-country experts across 135 countries, IRIS Global Workforce Management provides expert global HR management and consulting to businesses of all sizes, helping you make the very most of the global market.

Trusted global HR management & consulting services.

We help businesses of all sizes achieve their international expansion goals.

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    Making global HR simple.

    Expanding overseas poses many risks if not managed correctly. From country-compliant employment contracts to compliance with regional laws and expectations, ensuring full compliance in global HR is vital.

    If you don’t undertake compliant HR when expanding globally, you’re at serious risk of:

    • Expensive fines and tax penalties
    • Costly and lengthy lawsuits
    • Reputational damage
    • Devaluation of your business and its stocks
    • Closure of your overseas business

    Eliminate Risk. Make It Simple. Do It Your Way

    From language barriers to compliance, managing HR is no easy task when taking your business overseas.

    That’s where our global HR offering comes in. Whether it’s our pay-as-you go HR consultancy service or fixed HR service, discover how we can help your business.

    Our global HR management & consultancy options

    Thanks to our international expertise and breadth of far-reaching local specialists, we’ll save you time, money and effort with a complete, scalable HR solution that grows with you as you expand into new territories. Discover our two options for international HR support: flexible pay-as-you go consultancy or a fixed solution through pre-paid consultancy.

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    Pay As You Go HR Consultancy

    The fully-flexible option

    Looking for valuable guidance without fixed, ongoing support? IRIS offers a pay-as-you-go option through our consultancy solution.

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    Pre-Paid Consultancy

    The fully fixed option

    For complete multi-country HR support whenever you need it, IRIS offers a fixed, consultancy service package. Based on the number of employees you have per country, discover a service tailored to your individual needs.

    • Compensation & Benefits

      Ensure you are offering benefits and compensation in compliance with laws and regulations but also to attract and retain skilled workers.

      • Pay equity
      • Total reward systems
      • Pension / 401K
      • Healthcare packages
      • Execution design options and more
    • Global Mobility & Immigration

      Facilitate international assignments, manage work visas and immigration requirements with proper documentation.

      • Expatriate management
      • Visas, work permits, passports
      • Practical and personal support (before, during & after the move)
      • Home and host country taxation
      • Relocation policy creation
      • Housing services and more
    • Mergers & Acquisitions Consulting

      Pre and post-transaction strategic consulting to ensure your investment is successful.

      • Support for carve outs, divestures
      • Spin offs and IPOs.
      • Terms and conditions
      • Compliance audits
      • Staff retention and more

    The fully flexible option

    If you have a particular HR project you’re looking to complete, we can match the relevant professional and associated fees, giving you an estimate of the time and costs of the project before you proceed.

    What you need, when you need it

    Want to pre-purchase a block of consulting time to be called upon as and when you need? We have you covered with a discount on our blended hourly rate and allow you to roll over any unused time.

    HR and benefit compliance in a simple monthly package

    Our HR Assurance consultancy package gives you unlimited access to dedicated multi-country HR support when you need it.

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    Download our global HR management brochure.

    Multi-country HR advice at your fingertips. Download our brochure to discover more about the international HR support services we offer.

    Our global HR services

    From compliance with local laws to building and utilizing new cultural knowledge, we’ll help accelerate your business’ success overseas. Discover the range of services that help us to do just that.

    HR employment law & compliance.

    Ensuring you are fully compliant will be a priority for your business expanding overseas, but it can be challenging to know where to begin. That’s where we come in. Discover how we help you stay fully compliant in 135 countries.

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    Onboarding, ongoing & offboarding

    Managing your employees overseas shouldn’t just stop after onboarding. From employment contracts to redundancy, discover how IRIS FMP manages onboarding, offboarding, and everything in between.


    • Employment Rights
    • Employer Obligations
    • Compliance Check
    • HR Policies
    • Offer Letters
    • Employment Contracts
    • New Hire Induction.


    • Probation Management
    • HR Casework
    • Employee Engagement
    • Training & Development
    • Performance & Absence Mgmt.


    • Resignation
    • Redundancy
    • Performance Dismissal
    • Disciplinary Dismissal 
    • RIF (Reduction in Force) 
    • Staff transfers to subsidiaries 
    Onboarding and offboarding ilustration

    Compensation & employee benefits.

    Hitting the basic requirements of international expansion is just the start. Acknowledging high performance is key to workforce retention and ultimately, business success. Discover how we can help you manage this with compensation and employee benefits.


    • Expat & domestic employee compensation & employee benefits strategy
    • Execution design options.


    • Pay equity
    • Total reward systems
    • Employee benefits & rewards benchmarking
    • Pension Funds
    • Healthcare Packages
    • Management of the application and implementation of these programs.


    • Ongoing management
    • Renewals
    • Product suitability
    • On & Offboarding.
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    Global mobility & immigration.

    From expatriate management to relocation support, IRIS will help you navigate through the challenges global mobility and immigration throw your way.

    Expatriate Management

    • Practical & personal support: before, during and after repatriation
    • Home & Host Country Taxation.
    • Strategic and legal risk management
    • Finance and cost

    Immigration Services

    • Immigration costs
    • Documentation & applications
    • Passports
    • Visas
    • Work permits.
    • Family considerations, including schooling and pets
    • Medical care and insurance

    Relocation Support

    • COLA Analysis
    • Relocation policy creation and benchmarking
    • Property and housing services
    • Language and cross-cultural training.
    Global mobility illustration

    Strategic M&A Consulting.

    Manage mergers and acquisitions across the globe without a hitch. With the expert advice of our in-country teams here at IRIS, discover how we can help you manage your global move.


    • International expansion strategies
    • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Carve Outs
    • Divestures
    • Spin Offs
    • IPOs.


    • Terms & Conditions due diligence
    • Terms & Conditions migration
    • Compensation & Benefits
    • Compliance audits.

    Other Considerations

    • Culture Matching
    • Change Management
    • Mental Health & Wellbeing
    • Staff Retention.
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    Why choose IRIS Global Workforce Management as your global HR provider?

    We offer a complete global HR management service. This means that you have access to multi-country HR support whenever you need it.

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    Simplified, Accelerated People Performance

    Seamlessly, compliantly onboarding your organization and people to rapidly unlock your talent investment by reducing their time to value.

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    Trusted Excellence in Global HR & Benefits

    We take the complexity away from local HR & benefits, ensuring your growing global workforce receive the guidance they need.

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    Global Expertise, ​ Local Knowledge

    Our qualified & experienced global HR specialists work in partnership with ​you to maximize your global workforce’s full potential.

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    Solutions That Flex ​With Your Growth

    Flexible people-led pay & HR solutions supporting you across the employee & ​ global expansion lifecycle​.

    Industry-recognised Awards & Accreditations

    Thames Valley Tech Awards 2022 logo
    Best Workplace award - Great Place to Work UK 2022
    Best Workplace in Tech award - Great Place to Work UK 2022
    Best Workplace for Women award - Great Place to Work UK 2022
    Best Workplace for Wellbeing award - Great Place to Work UK 2022
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    UK tech awards 2022
    Great Place to Work certified

    Operating in 135 countries worldwide.

    Our global expertise spans 135 countries worldwide. Discover more about the countries we serve.

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    GPA (Global Payroll Association) Logo

    Combined Global HR and Payroll Services

    67% of global payroll & HR professionals see the benefit in outsourcing payroll, benefits, payments & HR to one single global payroll & HR provider.

    IRIS will ensure your payroll and HR remain unified, even on a global scale.

    Local knowledge, one single point of contact.

    Our in-country, local experts are made up of HR, payroll, legal and immigration specialists who will work tirelessly to ensure that your business remains compliant at all times.

    Meanwhile, you have one singular point of contact to provide you with the advice and support you need, when you need it.

    A trusted market leader in global HR consultancy services. 

    Discover why businesses choose IRIS to support their global expansion.


    Happy customers from all industry sectors all across the globe


    Countries where we can deliver ‘in-country’ payroll & HR services


    Or 90% of the global workforce covered by our payroll & HR solutions ​


    in global payment disbursements paid per annum by IRIS ​


    Over four decades of helping customers grow with our payroll & HR solutions​

    Integrated HR and payroll solution

    Whether it’s navigating currencies, different languages, or legislative compliance, international expansion brings many challenges.

    By covering every stress point with the expertise of both HR and payroll in-country experts, you can experience true peace of mind afforded by a holistic solution.

    Our combined payroll services include:

    • Payroll onboarding & offboarding,
    • Secure payroll processing & calculation,
    • International payments,
    • End of year statutory reporting,
    • …and more.

    More than global HR support.

    At IRIS, we provide a complete global solution. We’ll have you make the most out of your international expansion and accelerate your success in no time.

    Payroll OnboardingBasicEssentialsSelect
    Payroll Onboarding
    Payroll Processing & Calculation
    Request & Receipt of Funds
    Employee & Local Authority Payments
    End of Year Statutory Reporting
    (Most Popular Choice)
    Benefits Sourcing
    Benefits Management
    Pension Management
    Supplementary Benefits & Benchmarking
    (Most Popular Choice)
    Compliant Contracts & Policies
    Employee Onboarding & Compliance
    Employee Offboarding
    HR Advice & Support
    HR Software
    HR Administration

    It’s important for us to work with a team that really understands French payroll, tax and government legislation, and FMP does. They take our needs as a client seriously and fulfil them.

    Yvonne Davit, Payroll Administrator at Hootsuite

    I cannot say enough positives about our experience with FMP. Everyone prioritises providing the highest level of customer service… We could not have chosen a better business partner for our needs

    Pat Pucci, Human Resources Director, Maritz Global Events

    “We soon noticed the benefits of having the different payrolls under one bureau; we could use the same format to submit changes to all of them… We have experts on-hand to deal with any queries that come up, and they run our payrolls efficiently and correctly every month.” 

    Sarah Clarke, Payroll Manager at Westcoast Limited

    “We have one Account Manager to deal with, rather than having a different one for each location. The Account Manager is always very helpful & all communication is in English.”

    Leonie Lennon Senior Payroll & Benefits Administrator

    “We love that IRIS is fully managed, it requires minimal work from us, everything is so effortless and seamless! It’s saved us so much time not having to learn and look into how to manage international payroll, everything is handled for us.”

    Naomi Van EA and Office Manager Up Learn

    “FMP is very easy to do business with and responds to emails on a timely bases. Very willing to answer any questions and concerns we have concerning payroll and reports”

    Kim Adrian Sr. Payroll Specialist RF-SMART
    Call center employee on the phone

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    For more information on our global HR services, speak to us today and discover how we can enhance your global expansion.