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Global expansion usually starts with testing the water in one or two countries, with a handful of talented people. That’s our specialty – getting your international expansion off to the right start. And with specialist in-country advisers on hand, we’ve got your back until you’re big enough to handle it yourself.

No country is the same as your country. That’s why we’ll give you the best advice to help build your global strategy before you’ve placed your first person. We offer industry leading HR consulting for companies operating in global markets. And, our comprehensive managed HR service provides the day-to-day support of a domestic HR provider to your overseas employees, protecting you from potentially large legal advice bills and avoiding in-country employment disasters.

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What We Offer

Our all-inclusive international HR service includes managing employee recruitment and onboarding, so you can be assured of a consistent quality of HR that helps retain top global talent. Our regional HR experts ensure that all employee benefits are taken into account, offering competitive incentives in local markets, while keeping you compliant with local entitlements.

We also offer HR consultancy for global mergers and acquisitions. We know that many global expansions involve a transition of employees and HR assets, so we offer the specialised support to ensure a successful outcome.
Whether you’re looking for international HR to be taken off your hands or HR support during a period of transition, FMP Global act as an extension of your company’s HR team. We use our extensive expertise to deliver exceptional, seamless consultancy and management across foreign markets and time zones.

All-Inclusive International HR Consultancy

Managing staff can be a challenge, but keeping up with in-country HR regulations around the world can be almost impossible. The further you take your business, the bigger the challenges become. This results in inconsistent support for your overseas staff and makes global HR budgeting a nightmare.

All-Inclusive International HR from FMP gives you multi-country HR advice at your fingertips. We give you the confidence of knowing that you have access to a solution no matter how complex a situation. Download our guide

Our simple monthly fee is fixed per country and covers all that countries HR needs. You only pay for each country you expand into as part of your international presence, giving you greater control over your budget.

Managing a global workforce requires a consistent level of high quality HR support wherever your staff are in the world. That’s where we come in. With our International HR service, you have access to multiple tools to manage international employees effectively, organize processes efficiently, and keep your business compliant 100% of the time.

All Inclusive

Benefits of Our International HR Services

International Employment

We will ensure you keep up with in-country HR legislations and regulations and get clear-cut advice from regional experts. You can be confident that your business is compliant and protected, wherever you place staff.

Cost Effective

Get access to unlimited, on-demand management of your employees worldwide. All for a single monthly fee.

Scalable Service

Our service scales as you do, so you get the support you need no matter how far you take your business.

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Expert HR Advice

As experts in global HR and international employment law, we provide legal support to HR teams that manage global employees, and the very best day to day in-country HR advice.

Scrutiny of employer-employee relations is crucial to any business, but on the international stage, it can prove a challenge. Discipline, performance management and termination of employment must be all be monitored on an individual and collective basis.

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International Employee Benefits

We insure that your business offers attractive benefits in competitive regional markets, while keeping you compliant with legislative obligations.

Benefits and rewards vary immensely from country to country, and part of growing your company abroad is understanding and implementing the right package. Attracting talent, retaining key employees, and recognizing high performance are all integral to business success.

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Global Mergers & Acquisitions

Get seamless transition on your international merger or acquisition. Our expert team of global HR consultants help you save time and money on the cost of managing and organising the transfer of business assets.

Whether through organic growth, mergers and acquisition, carve-outs, divestitures, spin-offs or IPOs, we’ll ensure a smooth integration for businesses wishing to expand globally.

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Why choose FMP for your international HR needs?

Global Expertise

Our international HR service comes in partnership with MCN Global HR. Our experts give you peace of mind that your business is compliant and protected, all over the world.

Trusted & Accredited

FMP Global is an award-winning global HR consultancy. We’re trusted by our thousands of global clients from small organizations, to large multinationals.

Expansion Strategists

We’re uniquely placed to offer expert insight into regional employment laws and practices across the globe, helping you minimize your expansion risks by making informed decisions at every step.

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