About IRIS FMP International Payroll

About IRIS FMP International Payroll

Our Background

IRIS FMP originally started business back in the early 1990’s serving the UK and USA payroll markets. Our business grew to such an extent that we soon became one of the premier providers in the market. Our software and services are not only used by companies across the world for their own payroll, but our solutions are also provided to other payroll bureaus across the UK.

This position continue to grow each year making IRIS FMP – “The Payroll Bureau for Payroll Bureaus”.

Our Team

We believe our strength is in our people. We have assembled the best people in the payroll industry, who all share a common passion for delivering excellent service to our colleagues and clients. We all believe that international payroll processing should be easy.

The New Millennium

During the early stages of the New Millennium a new discipline hit corporate America, making for a particular need for US listed, or US financed companies to improve financial controls. Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) was born and had a major impact on firms and how they operate. As a result, considerable interest was seen by organisations wishing to consolidate payroll processes further, therefore resulting in better control, together with the requirement for further cost cutting measures, where organizations are adopting a HR shared service center approach.

We analysed this market requirement and designed a set of world class services to support these models perfectly. Our international solutions are designed to fit the requirement for a centralized, single process service that provides coordination of all aspects of setting up employees in a foreign country without the need of a complex legal entity. Our service was designed so that employee size is of no barrier, from 1 employee upwards in any country.

Our clients enjoy service provision in local currencies during European and USA business hours.

Our Company Today

Our business is one of growth and stability – in the last 10 years our company has seen double digit growth at both revenue and profit lines, each and every single year. We are stable and strong, allowing us to continue to invest our profits to improve our services to our customers.

Testament to our strength is our strategic commercial partnerships. We work and partner with world class organizations such as Paychex – the market leader in American payroll processing – and Western Union – the world’s largest international money transmission network.

Our head office and client service centre is based in London in the United Kingdom, together with having local centres in strategic locations in Europe and USA.

We can now handle payroll in over 135 countries, giving us the greatest breadth in payroll service provision. We are supporting thousands of clients in these countries from small organizations with a few sales people, to large multinational corporations.

IRIS FMP is part of the IRIS Software group.


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