Payroll and HR in Canada

Payroll and HR in Canada

Local Information

Local Time (Ottawa) (LIVE):9:08 AM
Local Currency:$1 = C$1.41
Business Language(s):English
Tax Year Dates:1st January – 31st December


Located between Russia and the US, with an affluent economy and home to an efficient transport network, Canada is a profitable place to do business. If you’re thinking of expanding your business to Canada, there are a multitude of benefits. However, there are also some challenges to consider. None more so than international payroll and HR. Whether you’re moving employees abroad or hiring new starters in Canada, you need an expert on your side to help guide the way, ensuring your business remains compliant with the country’s legislation.

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Employer Must-Dos

In Canada, the following reports must be submitted to strict deadlines

  • GST/HST returns
  • Corporate income tax return
  • Non-Resident Tax Withholding, Remitting, and Reporting Statements

Payroll in Canada

What tax considerations are there?

In Canada, there are three levels of taxes – federal, provincial and municipal, which all impose taxes on businesses in Canada. Non-residents of Canada are only subject to tax on income from Canadian sources. Canadian resident corporations are usually liable for both federal tax and provincial tax at a combined rate.

HR in Canada

What are the regular working hours in Canada?

The standard hours of work in Canada are 8 hours a day, Monday through to Friday. 40 hours total in a week.


When it comes to terminating employment in Canada, employers must abide by the Canada Labour Code. Unlike the US, Canadian legislation addresses ‘Termination With Cause’ when an employee is dismissed for something related to an employee’s conduct and ‘Termination Without Cause’ for reasons unrelated to misconduct.

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To find out more information about international payroll and the implications and considerations that come along with it, download our free guide to international payroll today.

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FMP’s Canadian Payroll and HR Solutions

FMP Global are dedicated to helping your business with company formation, tax compliance, visas, general payroll, HR and more. Whether you need payroll and HR in Toronto or Montreal, our in-country teams are here to help. With a single point of contact, you have the help you need, whenever you need it. Our solutions include:

  • Canadian Employment Contracts
  • Payroll Processing
  • Handling of payments
  • Annual declarations (lodging, apprenticeship & training taxes for concerned companies)
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Tax and Labor Law Consulting
  • Assisting in payroll audit (or payroll department audit)
  • Handling of confidential payroll
  • Assistance in company restructuring plan
  • Assistance in implementation of procedures
  • Assistance with start-up (in link with lawyers)

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Looking for your perfect global HR and payroll partner? Look no further than FMP Global. Our Canadian payroll & HR compliance, legislation and employment law knowledge is second to none. We’ll deal with the complexities while you get on with the important day to day tasks.

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