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What is TUPE and How Does it Work?

TUPE provides legal protection for UK employees and their benefits during the process of a business transfer such as when ownership changes hands. Read on.

What does Spain’s “False Freelancer” Law Mean for Your Global Business? 

Spain’s false freelancer laws are designed to penalize employers for misclassifying workers as self-employed to avoid paying taxes and other costs including social contributions. Find out more.

Exploring Employee Benefits: How Much Does It Cost?

When part of an employee compensation package, employee benefits and perks foster a positive work culture, promote staff wellbeing, and help to attract top talent. But how much do employee benefits cost an employer? Find out.

What are the Risks of Global Employee Benefits Management?

From complex local legislation to remaining competitive in a global marketplace, benefit schemes have many risks attached to them. Read more.

A Guide to Hong Kong’s MPF & Employer Responsibilities

Hong Kong’s MPF, or Mandatory Provident Fund, is a government retirement scheme for working individuals. Discover your responsibilities as an employer.

Continuity of Employee Benefits When Changes Are Afoot

During a merger or acquisition, the continuity of employee benefits is important. Find out about best practice, ensuring success during this process of change.

The Challenge with Expatriate Compensation – Assessing Your Reward Strategy

For almost every operation, a rewards strategy for expats is critical in attracting, retaining, and motivating your talent. Start developing yours today.