9 November 2017

Guide to International Payroll

Many US businesses now include globalization as part of their growth strategy, meaning a growing number of US organizations now have overseas employees – as well as US citizens on secondment. For the majority of countries, paying both local and US citizens presents a number of obstacles that must be considered. From statutory working hours to annual leave entitlement and contributions to health provision and state pensions, IRIS FMP are here to guide you through the process.

10 November 2017

International Payment Services

International payments are more than just funds transmitted across borders. They’re a crucial means of communicating with your overseas partners and peers—and an important part of moving your business forward.

Effectively managed, international transactions can strengthen your cross border business relationships and give you a key competitive advantage. Our suite of elegant, efficient, and easy-to-use payment platforms can help you effortlessly send and manage your international payments.

23 November 2017

International Payroll Services

Making sure that you look after your employees in your overseas operations can be a minefield. Managing multiple payroll suppliers in multiple languages, combined with the complexities of legislation in each country can make coordinating an international payroll a nightmare. We offer a centralized international payroll service that will coordinate your entire payroll operations in […]

24 August 2018

IRIS Global Workforce Management Brochure

IRIS Global Workforce Management is an award-winning company that understands the challenges of global payroll and HR in both mature and emerging international markets.

24 August 2018

Global HR Management Brochure

IRIS FMP’s HR assurance package gives you multi-country HR advice at your fingertips With a single monthly fee to cover your in-country needs, it ensures you’re in control. Fees are per country, so you only pay as you expand your international presence. Great for budget planning and peace of mind! All Inclusive (AI) delivers unlimited […]

24 August 2018

International Outsourced Payroll Service Brochure

IRIS FMP provides expert knowledge and high quality international payroll services that support your company’s international expansion. We’ll coordinate your entire payroll operation worldwide, giving you peace of mind and control of your international payroll, and giving assurance to your in-country employees.

24 August 2018

Global Payment Services

Effectively managed, international transactions can strengthen your cross-border business relationships and give you a key competitive advantage. Our suite of elegant, efficient and easy-to-use payment platforms can help you to effortlessly send and manage your international payments.

24 August 2018

Guide to Global Mergers & Acquisitions

IRIS FMP helps organizations harmonize and drive their people priorities during transactions such as mergers & acquisitions, carve-outs, divestitures, spin-offs and IPOs. IRIS FMP will make the experience seamless by advising on and, where required, executing all of the necessary HR processes.

7 September 2018

A Guide to Global Employee Compensation & Benefits

With global expansion, the importance of supporting and rewarding international employees cannot be overstated.

7 September 2018

A Guide to Global HR & Employment Law

When a company goes global there are myriad challenges that must be overcome to achieve success. At IRIS FMP, we can help you achieve employment law compliance and meet HR requirements across the globe. Download our brochure today.

10 December 2019

In Country HR Starter Kit

Global Mobility – The HR challenge Ready to employ staff internationally? If you are unsure if your HR documents or processes are right, then our in-country HR Starter Kit is for you. Download our brochure to understand what is included in the Kit. And there’s more. We’ll provide ongoing email support as part of the […]