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Global Workforce Management Solutions

Whether you are hiring one employee abroad or managing a global workforce spanning multiple countries, we manage all aspects seamlessly, quickly and in full compliance. 

Trusted market leaders in global workforce management services

To be a leading global payroll provider, you need a proven track record of expertise – and we have just that. 


In global payment disbursements paid per annum by IRIS.

Est. 2008

Over 15 years of helping organizations grow with our workforce management solutions.


Countries where we can deliver ‘in-country’ payroll, HR and payment solutions.

8 weeks

Turnaround time for IRIS to pay employees in your global workforce.


Or 90% of the global workforce is covered by IRIS payroll, HR and payment solutions.

Let us manage your global workforce expansion for you

IRIS is the only global workforce management partner you need, providing support for everything from recruiting and hiring, compliance with labor laws and managing employee benefits, to payroll and payments.

Agile workforce management services


Whether you have an immediate need for one global employee, or hundreds, we can get you up and running in another country (or countries) quickly and compliantly.    
Don’t allow the complexities of hiring international employees to hinder your expansion into new markets.  Partner with IRIS, for stress-free global workforce expansion, operating across 135 countries.

  • Global Mobility & Immigration

    Expert management of immigration documentation such as visas and work permits, along with cost control for immigration expenses and tax obligations for both employers and expatriates during international relocations.

  • Employment Law & Compliance

    Fostering a seamless employee experience from recruitment to ongoing employee management to offboarding, our services ensure adherence to area-specific labor regulations, guaranteeing a secure and lawful entry into new markets.

  • Employee Benefits & Compensation

    Our services facilitate your provision of benefits and compensation that not only comply with legal standards but also appeal to and retain talent, encompassing pay equity, 401(k) plans, health benefits, total rewards packages, and beyond.

  • Global Mergers & Acquisitions

    Strategic consulting services are provided before and after the transaction to secure investment success, addressing all HR-related effects during the entire process. This encompasses handling impacts on company culture, maintaining staff retention, and ensuring employee well-being.

  • Payroll Onboarding & Off-Boarding

    Effortlessly manage employee payroll onboarding and offboarding processes through compliant operations, including country-specific registrations, setup, configurations, and deregistration.

  • Secure Payroll Processing & Calculation

    Manage complex payroll calculations with precision to guarantee payment on-time, every time in the employees’ local currency, accounting for variables such as bonuses, benefits, social contributions, salary changes, absences and statutory changes.

  • International Payments

    Manage your global payment transactions both reliably and cost-effectively, ensuring your workforce receives accurate and timely compensation. Our services encompass Fundraising Requests, reconciliations, currency exchange computations, and the facilitation of funds transfer.

  • End-of-Year Reporting

    Our in-country teams, experts in local Tax Year-End (TYE) procedures and deadlines, guarantee timely and compliant filings. We stay abreast of new legislation to ensure your final pay runs and reports meet all local requirements.

  • Simplified Global Payments Process

    We simplify the complexity of global payment transfer into multiple currencies by offering a single, simple process starting with one payment for all payroll, taxes and invoices and real-time currency conversion with software that updates market rates every 7 seconds, so you can be sure you are getting the best rates available.

  • Request & Receipt of Funds

    Upon validating your payroll calculation, IRIS will create a Raise Funds Request (RFR) detailing your global payment duties. Our team will oversee the aggregation, movement, and allocation of funds to support your cross-border transactions.

  • Employee Payments

    Our sophisticated global settlement network allows you to pay employees almost anywhere in the world in your home currency, without maintaining a foreign bank account. We offer a dedicated team of specialists who stay on top of ever-changing payment requirements, in-country holidays and local processing times to ensure accurate, quick and compliant payments.

  • Payment Disbursements

    Annually, IRIS efficiently manages global payroll distributions amounting to $282 million. Our services include processing local beneficiary payments in their own currency through domestic bank accounts, such as for social security and income tax dues. We are experts in how each country accepts and distributes payments to ensure compliance.

What makes IRIS Global Workforce Management solutions different? 

IRIS sets itself apart from other global payroll and HR providers through a unique combination of customer-centric features and scalable service options.   

Dedicated Support Contact

Instead of a call center or reaching a different person each time you need support, IRIS provides a single point of contact for each customer. This enables you to build a one-on-one relationship with a dedicated client services representative who understands your unique needs and goals, is easily reached and is your single source for all your needs – essentially becoming an extension of your team.    

Flexible and affordable

Perhaps you only need help with HR, or just payroll. Maybe you are just testing out a new market and employing a very small workforce. No matter how great or small your needs are, we can help. You shouldn’t have to pay for services you don’t use, so we offer multiple commercial structures to meet varying needs and budgets.  

Scalable and broad services

Our services are as dynamic as your business, ready to adapt and grow. Whether expanding to new regions, scaling up employee numbers, or extending service needs, IRIS’s scalability is a testament to our ability to support a global workforce effectively. With support for every global workforce challenge, IRIS is the only global payroll and HR partner you need.     

IRIS Engage: Discover our centralized global payroll reporting and process system.

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We wouldn’t be where we are right now without IRIS. IRIS provided not just a global HR and payroll solution but did it in a way that was accessible and easy to manage. Everything is all in the web portal, which is amazing. I love it. It’s so much easier.

Audra Bright, Human Resources and Internal Systems Senior Manager at Textile Exchange

The steps required to get set up to do business in Canada are massive compared to what’s required in the U.S. but IRIS walked us through every step. There is no question or request I’ve asked that IRIS hasn’t been able to handle or coach us through. We absolutely would not be able to do this [expand operations into Canada] without them.

Scott Bormaster, President, INC Nautical

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