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Operating in 135 countries worldwide

FMP Global provides expert knowledge and high quality international payroll services across 135 countries to support your company and co-ordinate your entire payroll operations worldwide.

Overseeing multiple payroll suppliers in multiple languages, combined with the complexities of different legislation in each country, can make coordinating international payrolls difficult or even unmanageable.

Give peace of mind to both your payroll management team and your international employees. By using FMP Global’s international payroll service, you will enjoy the confidence that your payroll is legally compliant and running efficiently in each country.

Whether you’re an established global entity or beginning your expansion, FMP Global are here to help.

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Payroll services across all countries

By choosing FMP Global, you will be putting your requirements in the hands of worldwide payroll experts who understand the complexities of delivering payroll solutions in multiple locations, languages and currencies. You can also have confidence that your payrolls are being run by a team dedicated to providing you with the most efficient service, and taking the hassle out of having employees abroad.

Quality Service

We’re international payroll specialists. We ensure the same levels of service across all countries, giving you total peace of mind.

Regional Experts

Our in-country experts provide country-specific payroll reporting and payslip delivery to employees.

Global Reporting

Our global payroll services are compliant worldwide and our reporting provides you with a full, transparent picture of your international payroll.

Benefits of our international payroll processing

When you choose FMP Global for your international payroll, you get a complete service, including:

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Get the most out of every transaction

International payroll processing is more than just funds transmitted across borders. It is a crucial means of communicating with your overseas partners and peers and an important part of moving your business forward.

Effectively managed, international transactions can strengthen your cross-border business relationships and give you a key competitive advantage.

Our suite of elegant, efficient and easy-to-use payment platforms can help you to effortlessly send and manage your international payments.

Because of our global network of banking relationships, both your international and domestic payments can be easily and efficiently executed as local account-to-account transfers, meaning lower costs for both your organization and your beneficiaries.

Simplify the process

Our international payroll processing includes:

  • Transfers in over 135 countries
  • Wires, ACHs and drafts
  • Real-time exchange rates
  • Automatic beneficiary notifications
  • Intuitive payment tracking
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities
  • Scheduled or immediate payment release
  • Tools to help you reduce currency risk
  • Strategies tailored to your business
  • Dedicated support from Foreign Exchange specialists

Why choose FMP Global?

Overseeing multiple payroll suppliers in multiple languages, combined with the complexities of different legislation in each country, can make coordinating international payrolls difficult or even unmanageable.

Payroll procedures and regulations vary greatly in each country. We are there to guide you through the different rules and regulations, and to deliver on your behalf a smooth payroll service to all of your international employees.

Leaders in Global Payroll

Our regional experts across 135 countries, give us the greatest breadth in payroll service provision. We support thousands of clients in these countries from small organisations, to large multinational corporations.

Trusted & Accredited

FMP Global is a global award winning provider of payroll solutions. We also work and partner with world class organizations including Paychex and Western Union.

Designed for You

Our service is designed so that employee size is of no barrier, from a single employee to large teams in any country. We manage everything without the need for complex legal entities.

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