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IRIS Global Workforce Management will simplify Netherlands payroll and the processes around hiring employees in the Netherlands. As a recognized and trusted global payroll and HR specialist, we operate 88 in-country teams capable of ensuring your overseas employees are paid on time, every time.

Navigating the complexities of global payroll and HR in the Netherlands is not always easy without the help of a specialist. As compliance is always a top priority for businesses, we can support you during a global expansion. This includes differing laws, cultures and regulations, and it can feel overwhelming to stay ahead of. Fortunately, our expert teams are here to help. We offer:  

Looking for Payroll and HR Services?

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    Netherlands Payroll & Tax

    We remove the complications of global payroll and tax by managing everything, including local pay to benefits, and more. Through our payroll and tax support, your growing workforce will be paid accurately, on-time, every time.  

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    Hiring in the Netherlands 

    Put your trust in our HR services and we’ll support the hiring and management of global employees in full compliance with laws and legislations in the Netherlands.  

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    Employment Law Compliance

    We will help you to seamlessly and compliantly onboard your new hires. As an in-country specialist, we can help with contracts, policies, handbooks and more.

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    Global Payments Services

    We are able to provide compliant, global payment services for all kinds of businesses. We make your cross-border transfers cost-effective.  

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    We support businesses in 135 countries worldwide to reach their expansion goals.

    Doing Business in the Netherlands

    Expanding your business to the Netherlands? You’re in good company. The Netherlands is one of the most vibrant countries for trade, with a central location to serve markets within Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Not only this, but English is a widely spoken language in the Netherlands, making communication easy between both parties.

    Whilst there are endless opportunities for your business to innovate and expand, there are also many complicated tax, legal and regulatory requirements to meet along the way. That’s why you need an international payroll and HR expert to guide you in the right direction.

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    Employer Must-Dos

    In the Netherlands, the following must be submitted to strict deadlines:

    • Corporate income tax return
    • Payroll tax returns
    • VAT returns
    • Registration for new employees’ BSN number (if applicable)

    Payroll Taxes in the Netherlands

    What tax considerations are there?

    In the Netherlands, personal income tax is variable depending on personal circumstances and the type of employee benefits they are receiving. Employees will also pay towards social security insurance schemes (national insurance and employed person’s insurance), and are required to pay a contribution for their health care insurance to a health care insurer.

    For certain employees hired from outside of the Netherlands who bring specific expertise to the country, a special tax ruling exists called the ‘30% ruling’. It allows an employer to provide an employee with a tax-free allowance of up to 30% of his/her wages.

    Employment Contracts in the Netherlands

    What are the regular working hours in the Netherlands?

    Standard working hours in the Netherlands are 38 hours. Most full time jobs are between 36-40 hours a week. If employees work less than 36 hours a week, but more than 12, then they are considered to be working part time.


    The laws surrounding termination in the Netherlands differs greatly from other countries in that employees have more protection. The employer requires permission by the work placement branch of the Employee Insurance Agency or the sub district court before it can terminate an employment agreement.

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    Want to know more?

    To find out more about global payroll and the implications and considerations that come along with it, download our free guide to international payroll today.

    IRIS’s Netherlands Payroll and HR Services

    IRIS’s global payroll and HR services are designed for businesses seeking expert, legally-compliant solutions. Whether you’re looking for payroll and HR services in Amsterdam or Rotterdam, you can rest assured our tailored solutions will meet your business’s needs and requirements. Our cost-effective solutions include but are not restricted to:

    • Payroll Processing
    • Regulatory Compliance
    • Benefits Administration
    • Pension Administration If applicable
    • Tax Consulting
    • Bookkeeping & Accounting Services
    • VAT & Tax Processing
    • Virtual Office & Mail Forwarding
    • Reporting records through online portal
    • Work Permits & Visas
    • Translation Services
    • Employment Contract
    • Handling of payments (salaries & social charges)
    • Annual Reporting (Fiscal year-end compliance)
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    Stay Compliant – Payroll and HR Services in the Netherlands

    Our specialist in-country team will ensure your business meets the mandatory requirements of payroll and HR processes in the Netherlands. We’ll help guide the way.