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    International Employee Benefits Services

    When dealing with employees abroad, you as the employer must have an understanding of what is legally required in terms of sick pay, bereavement leave, data protection, taxable benefits and more. The right combination of corporate rewards will allow your business to attract and retain the best candidates overseas, motivating them to achieve more and stay loyal to your workforce.  

    How will you know the compensation and benefits expectations of your foreign team members, or what is mandatory in each country? Moreover, you must balance your global employee benefits with those provided to employees in your parent business. There is a lot to consider. 

    At IRIS FMP we’re on hand to manage your international employee compensation and benefits plan from strategy to execution, negating the need to seek expensive legal advice. Our global experts have an in-depth understanding of the regional entitlements and market expectations. This ensures that your business remains competitive in the market and attractive to top local talent. 

    From first placement

    • Mandatory & market-practice supplemental benefits programs
    • In-country benefit plan selection and implementation
    • Remuneration and benefits benchmarking
    • MCN Unite – 24/7 online access for you and your employees

    To ongoing support

    • New employee benefits enrolment
    • Annual policy renewal / re-enrolment
    • Regular market-review of benefits programs
    • Claims Management
    • Ongoing benefits program administration

    Employee Compensation Packages 

    Your country-specific compensation package is more than the salaries you pay. The right international corporate rewards will enable your business to attract and retain the best candidates globally, motivating them to achieve and incentivizing them to stay loyal to your company. Importantly, your compensation package has the ability to benchmark your business competitively against other in-country recruiters, especially when combined with an attractive employee benefit scheme. 

    Packages can include: 

    • Private medical insurance 
    • Life insurance 
    • Enhanced annual leave entitlement 
    • Stock and bonus options 
    • Family allowances 
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    International Employee Benefits

    Many global businesses are seeking to make their employees’ personal lives more enriched by providing an attractive employee benefits scheme, beyond what the legal minimum standard cites.

    In the US, a restricted social security system means these benefits are mostly provided at the choice and cost of an employer. Abroad, the situation is very different. Different governments have different demands from business owners, perhaps setting strict requirements for taxable and non-taxable benefits, sick pay entitlement and bereavement leave entitlement.

    We Offer:

    • Vetted benchmarking against local benefits schemes
    • Planning and implementation managed

    International benefits can include:

    • Private medical insurance
    • Life insurance
    • Disability insurance
    • Enhanced annual leave entitlement
    • Mobile phone allowances ü Car schemes ü Professional education and work training opportunities
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    International Reward Schemes

    Do you know the reward options most likely to motivate your employees in other cultures?

    Your business must transcend cultural and geographical differences and perform competitively against other employers; regardless of how much you know about or how far away you are from that country.

    Our international reward scheme will:

    • Choose and build a tailored employee incentive program
    • Benchmark your global company competitively
    • Attract and retain talent through reward schemes

    Reward schemes can include:

    • Variable pay schemes
    • Enhanced compensation and benefit packages
    • Holiday allowances
    • Career development opportunities
    • Private medical insurance
    • Work-life initiatives
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     Why choose IRIS FMP for global employee benefits & compensation? 

    Our team of international HR consultants will work with you to ensure that your workforce not only gets the benefits they are entitled to, but ensure a consistent global service. With the support of our global team, you get complete peace of mind that your staff are happy, wherever they are.

    Simplified, Accelerated People Performance

    Seamlessly, compliantly onboarding your organization and people to rapidly unlock your talent investment by reducing their time to value.

    Trusted Excellence in Global Payroll & Benefits

    We take the complexity away from local pay & benefits, ensuring your growing global workforce are paid accurately on-time, every time.

    Global Expertise, ​ Local Knowledge

    Our qualified & experienced global HR specialists work in partnership with ​you to maximize your global workforce’s full potential.

    Solutions That Flex ​With Your Growth

    Flexible people-led pay & HR solutions supporting you across the employee & ​ global expansion lifecycle​.

    Industry-recognised Awards & Accreditations

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    Operating in 135 countries worldwide.

    Our global expertise spans 135 countries worldwide. Discover more about the countries we serve.

    67% of global payroll & HR professionals see the benefit in outsourcing payroll, benefits, payments & HR to one single global payroll & HR provider.

    A single point of contact, anywhere in the world.

    Our in-country, local specialists consists of HR, payroll, legal and immigration experts, who will work restlessly to ensure that your business remains compliant at all times.

    No matter where you are, you can access a singular point of contact to provide you with the advice and support you need.

    A trusted market leader in global employee benefits & compensation

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    It’s important for us to work with a team that really understands French payroll, tax and government legislation, and FMP does. They take our needs as a client seriously and fulfil them.

    Yvonne Davit, Payroll Administrator at Hootsuite

    I cannot say enough positives about our experience with FMP. Everyone prioritises providing the highest level of customer service… We could not have chosen a better business partner for our needs

    Pat Pucci, Human Resources Director, Maritz Global Events

    “We soon noticed the benefits of having the different payrolls under one bureau; we could use the same format to submit changes to all of them… We have experts on-hand to deal with any queries that come up, and they run our payrolls efficiently and correctly every month.” 

    Sarah Clarke, Payroll Manager at Westcoast Limited

    “We have one Account Manager to deal with, rather than having a different one for each location. The Account Manager is always very helpful & all communication is in English.”

    Leonie Lennon Senior Payroll & Benefits Administrator

    “We love that IRIS is fully managed, it requires minimal work from us, everything is so effortless and seamless! It’s saved us so much time not having to learn and look into how to manage international payroll, everything is handled for us.”

    Naomi Van EA and Office Manager Up Learn

    “FMP is very easy to do business with and responds to emails on a timely bases. Very willing to answer any questions and concerns we have concerning payroll and reports”

    Kim Adrian Sr. Payroll Specialist RF-SMART

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