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7 December 2021

Attracting top talent in a post-COVID world

Whether you’re attracting or retaining top talent, we’ve compiled factors you should consider to ensure you’re perceived as a desirable in a post-COVID world.

22 November 2021

The Challenge with Expatriate Compensation – Assessing Your Reward Strategy

For almost every operation, a rewards strategy for expats is critical in attracting, retaining, and motivating your talent. Start developing yours today.

10 November 2021

Shadow Payroll & Expatriation: Here’s What You Need to Know

For companies operating in multiple countries, it’s important to be aware of the HR and payroll implications of expatriation. Sending employees abroad to work, whether it’s temporary or for the foreseeable future, may seem like an obvious solution to a problem. However, employees working abroad can present a whole host of new issues. Read on […]

11 October 2021

The Benefits of a Four Day Work Week

The four day work week has the potential to revolutionise the American workplace in the biggest change since the 1920s. Read our article to learn more.

3 September 2021

Is Your Business Taking Employee Wellbeing Seriously?

Find out what businesses across the world have been doing to take care of employee wellbeing in recent years, and what’s expected in coming years.

19 August 2021

What’s the Difference Between PTO, Vacation and Sick Leave?

PTO Policies are becoming more popular amongst employers. But how can you ensure it is fairly paid? And is PTO better than vacation and sick leave? Read here.

13 August 2021

7 Benefits of a Work Life Balance for Employers & Employees

Helping keep professional and personal lives in harmony will pay dividends down the line. Explore the 7 benefits for employers and employees alike.

4 August 2021

Managing Employees on Leave of Absence

Leave for employees is often minimal and un-regulated. We cover the requirements for leave and how you can create a policy of leave.


Exempt vs Non-Exempt Employees: How to Classify Your Employees

Employers must be clear on their exempt and non-exempt employees as this greatly changes the benefits, compensation and regulations around their working hours. Failure to comply can result in hefty penalties, and similar consequences from the Fair Labour Standards Authority (FLSA).

22 June 2021

What is FUTA Tax? | A Guide to the Federal Unemployment Tax Act

FUTA, or the Federal Unemployment Tax Act, is a policy designed to help states pay unemployment benefits to those whose work contracts have been terminated. But this is only applicable if workers have not been dismissed for gross misconduct. There are several questions surrounding compliance matters and the various responsibilities of the employer regarding FUTA […]

13 April 2021

What is Off Payroll Working?

Off payroll working in the private sector can be confusing to understand, but it’s vital to do so if you are a contractor, or you procure the services of a contractor/similar intermediary at your company.  As a HMRC policy, off-payroll working rules (also known as IR35) are frequently updated, and some changes will be implemented […]

26 March 2021

A Guide to Forgivable Loans for Small Businesses in 2021

Forgivable business loans, as part of the Paycheck Protection Program, supported small businesses throughout 2020. Read our guide to its return in 2021 here.

8 February 2021

Retroactive Payroll Adjustments Explained

Some mistakes are costlier than others. If you underpaid an employee, especially during a pay period, what should you do next? To rectify this mistake, you adjust pay retroactively (and swiftly). Without proper caution, this can spiral into employee dissatisfaction and, possibly worse, incompliance with US labor laws. What is a retro pay adjustment? Retroactive […]

23 December 2020

Payrolling Global National Holidays

Global national holidays may be universal, but the rules of paid leave are a little harder to follow. It’s important – for both employers and employees – to understand the difference between a global national holiday and a paid one. Are National Holidays Paid in the UK? This is a great starting point. In the […]

29 September 2020

Understanding Sick Leave in the US

In the US, the labor market is its own force. In fact, across its 50 states, the shape and size of North America’s “labor force” ranks, according to pre-pandemic polls, at nearly 157 million strong – and counting.   From factory floors, to checkout lanes, and high-rise views from a desk, US labour is constantly being studied. At one time, pollsters may probe about turbulent […]

28 July 2020

How to ‘Marie Kondo’ the Workplace

When Marie Kondo’s Netflix show first aired, it did not take long to grow in popularity. Today, it’s inspired people of all walks of life to re-examine their living space and their workspace, and find ways to improve it to help create contentment. Find out more about Marie Kondo’s philosophy, and how it can be applied to […]

23 June 2020

Countries with the Best Sick Leave

In the US, there is no federal law that says employees are entitled to paid sick leave. Throughout the coronavirus pandemic this has been a considerable source of controversy, as there have been many cases of employees being forced to choose between isolating and continuing to work while they exhibit symptoms. While there is no […]

12 June 2020

Why Danes Appreciate the High Danish Income Tax Rate

Among many things, Denmark is known for being an expensive country in which its residents pay a high rate of income tax. However, it’s also known as being the home of some of the world’s happiest people. According to the UN’s annual World Happiness Report, Denmark is always among the top spots of the world’s […]

4 May 2020

8 Best Countries to be Self-Employed

Self-employment has been steadily growing in popularity all over the world in recent years, and it’s predicted only to become more prevalent. In 2019, financial services company Payoneer carried out research to produce the Global Gig Economy Index, in which they asked more than 300,000 freelancers about their success. They found that year-on-year, freelancers in […]

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