Global Payroll Week: The Time For Payroll Professionals To Be Appreciated

Posted on 2 May 2019 by IRIS FMP

Categories: Global Payroll

This week the Global Payroll Management Institute is hosting the second annual Global Payroll week, where they recognise payroll professionals all over the world for their effort to pay employees correctly and on time, every time.

Dan Madddux, president of the American Payroll Association has said that “Global Payroll Week celebrates global payroll professionals by encouraging worldwide recognition for their diligent, important work” and that “Payroll drives the financial engines that make the world’s global economies work. GPW helps us work toward building better payroll organisations for today and the future.”

Global Payroll Week coincides with the celebration of International Workers’ Day and is a celebration of employees around the globe.

Mary Holland, CPP, Global director of strategy development and training for GPMI say “Global payroll plays a crucial role in multinational organisations” and went on to say “Global Payroll Week is the time for global payroll professionals to highlight their contributions to their organisation and celebrate the complex job they do each and every day.”

The GPMI will be sharing exclusive webinars, new content and social media contests and much more throughout the week. It aims to give visibility of the global payroll industry and increase payroll professionals all over the world skill level through education, training and networking opportunities.

IRIS FMP’s CEO, is a big fan “The world is now a global market and the need to have specialist payroll professionals looking after diverse and challenging in-country teams has become even more critical. I’m immensely proud of the work our global payroll managers do on behalf of international companies. Get it right and they get little recognition. Get it wrong and the consequences for any business both financially and reputationally can be huge.”

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