Free eBook – Top Ten International Payroll Issues 2019

Posted on 26 November 2018 by IRIS FMP

2019 is fast approaching and with it comes global changes in the world of employment and payroll legislation. Not only that, but larger, more impactful things are on their way too, such as Brexit in the UK and the new ePrivacy regulation in Europe. If you already have, or are about to place employees internationally, all of these things have the potential to affect your company. This is why we are pleased to bring to you are our free eBook: Top 10 International Payroll Issues For 2019. Download it now.

Why do I need to know what’s going on?

Staying abreast of the upcoming changes is important for many reasons, not least because not doing so may result in monetary penalties, reputation damage and unhappy employees – you wouldn’t want to underpay tax on your French employees’ earnings, or not pay the new national minimum wage rates in Malaysia or the UK!

Our eBook aims to bring to light the work you need to do and the research you must conduct to ensure you enter 2019 with all the information necessary to meet legislation wherever in the world you’re involved in, even if it’s different to your native country.

At the time of publication, our eBook is up to date and correct. However, as we know you understand, the world of payroll and HR is constantly changing. Staying current , especially when you are an international company, is time-consuming and a huge responsibility. Our free eBook is an ideal starting point, but sustained up-to-date knowledge can be achieved by seeking expert international HR and payroll advice.

What’s in store for 2019?

The key issues highlighted in the Top 10 International Payroll Issues For 2019 eBook are:

  • Brexit is looming in March 2019
  • ePrivacy is on its way
  • Canadians will see their salaries rise
  • China amends income tax laws
  • Payroll tax reduction for small businesses in South Australia
  • New PAYE system in France
  • National Minimum Wage rising in the UK
  • Changes to Hungarian cafeteria rules
  • Mandatory gender pay gap reporting
  • #MeToo impacts workplace harassment legislation

It sounds daunting, but don’t panic – we’re here to help. Download our free eBook today.