Global Mobility and Immigration Consulting Services

International workforces managed with ease.

Global workforces can be tricky to manage, especially in the early stages of expansion. IRIS FMP will make this process simple, ensuring compliance at every step.

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We help businesses from all industries achieve their international expansion objectives.

Our Global Mobility Consulting Services

It may be the case that when your company expands across the globe that employees relocate to another country. As their employer, it falls to you to comprehensively answer their questions and guarantee a smooth transition for not only them, but their family too.

We will ensure this for your company. Our experts can advise on visas and work permits whilst managing the application processes from start to finish, prepare relevant contractual or policy documentation and manage global mobility and relocation services. This invaluable support allows you to focus on the commercial benefits of your expansion.

  • We’ll guide you through the complexities of the immigration process, completing visa and work permit applications on your behalf
  • We’ll assist you in designing International Assignment Polices
  • We’ll help your expatriate employees find housing, schooling and healthcare in their new country
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Expatriate Management

Expatriate management is about moving your business’s most precious resource – your employees.

For any business expanding globally, the expatriation process is complex and inconsistent, changing according to the country of relocation. You’ll need to offer relocated team members practical and personal support, making things as smooth as possible.

  • Tax management
  • Expatriate finance
  • Compensation & benefits
  • Accommodation
  • Schooling
  • International medical care
  • …even pet services
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Immigration Services

After more than thirty years of helping businesses go global, we understand the time and risks. Our immigration consultants can counter problems before they occur, leaving you and your employees totally prepared.

  • Visa services
  • Passport application services
  • In-country immigration support
  • Work permit requirements
  • Work permit applications
  • Tier 2 ICT to Tier 2 General visa support.
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Repatriation Services

Your employee’s international assignment has run its course and your employee is returning to their home country. For you, the complexities that come with global mobility and expatriation are over. You can look forward to welcoming your team member back to your office, ready to learn from their newfound knowledge of overseas business

It’s crucial you provide the same support for employees returning from their international experience. Failure to do so could cause a breakdown in the relationship between you and your valued employees. We provide a full repatriation program for businesses working anywhere in the world.

  • Repatriation support for employees and employers
  • Compliance managed
  • Housing and schooling assistance
  • Compensation adjustments
  • Medical insurance adjustments
  • Registration with relevant authorities
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International Expansion Strategy

Instinct says that planning where to employ staff overseas should follow your business’ market expansion. Yet the reality is rarely so simple. When planning your employment global expansion strategy, a multitude of factors need to be considered. Combined, these can be much more complex than deciding whether your product or service will sell in a country.

As a business leader, you need to understand the costs, risks and likely return on investment of becoming an overseas employer. A successful international expansion strategy is formed by asking the right questions in the right order; something best done with the help of an expert.

  • Expert insights into regional employment laws
  • Regional best practice insight
  • Expansion strategy creation
  • Consultation on international expansion
  • Risk and cost management
  • Informed decision making
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Why choose IRIS FMP for global HR support?

We offer a complete global HR consultancy and service solution. This means that you have access to multi-country HR support whenever you need it.

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Simplified, Accelerated People Performance

Seamlessly, compliantly onboarding your organization and people to rapidly unlock your talent investment by reducing their time to value.

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Trusted Excellence in Global Payroll & Benefits

We take the complexity away from local pay & benefits, ensuring your growing global workforce are paid accurately on-time, every time.

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Global Expertise, ​ Local Knowledge

Our experienced global payroll and HR specialists work in partnership with ​you to maximize your global workforce’s full potential with a truly integrated solution.

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Solutions That Flex ​With Your Growth

Flexible people-led pay & HR solutions supporting you across the employee & ​ global expansion lifecycle​.

Operating in 135 countries worldwide.

Our global expertise spans 135 countries worldwide. Discover more about the countries we serve.

67% of global payroll & HR professionals see the benefit in outsourcing payroll, benefits, payments & HR to one single global payroll & HR provider.

A single point of contact, anywhere in the world.

Our in-country, local specialists consist of HR, payroll, legal, and immigration experts, who will work restlessly to ensure that your business remains compliant at all times.

No matter where you are, you can access a singular point of contact to provide you with the advice and support you need.

A trusted market leader in global HR consulting & services. 

Discover why businesses choose IRIS FMP to support their global expansion.


Happy customers from all industry sectors all across the globe


Countries where we can deliver ‘in-country’ payroll & HR services


Or 90% of the global workforce covered by our payroll & HR solutions ​


in global payment disbursements paidper annum by IRIS ​


Over four decades of helping customers grow with our payroll & HR solutions​

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More than international HR support.

At IRIS FMP, we provide a complete global solution. We’ll have you make the most out of your international expansion and accelerate your success in no time.

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It’s important for us to work with a team that really understands French payroll, tax and government legislation, and FMP does. They take our needs as a client seriously and fulfil them.

Yvonne Davit, Payroll Administrator at Hootsuite

I cannot say enough positives about our experience with FMP. Everyone prioritises providing the highest level of customer service… We could not have chosen a better business partner for our needs

Pat Pucci, Human Resources Director, Maritz Global Events

“We soon noticed the benefits of having the different payrolls under one bureau; we could use the same format to submit changes to all of them… We have experts on-hand to deal with any queries that come up, and they run our payrolls efficiently and correctly every month.” 

Sarah Clarke, Payroll Manager at Westcoast Limited

“We have one Account Manager to deal with, rather than having a different one for each location. The Account Manager is always very helpful & all communication is in English.”

Leonie Lennon Senior Payroll & Benefits Administrator

“We love that IRIS is fully managed, it requires minimal work from us, everything is so effortless and seamless! It’s saved us so much time not having to learn and look into how to manage international payroll, everything is handled for us.”

Naomi Van EA and Office Manager Up Learn

“FMP is very easy to do business with and responds to emails on a timely bases. Very willing to answer any questions and concerns we have concerning payroll and reports”

Kim Adrian Sr. Payroll Specialist RF-SMART

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