Global Mobility and Immigration

The case may be that when your company expands across the globe that employees relocate to another country. As their employer, it falls to you to be able to comprehensively answer their questions and to guarantee a smooth transition for not only them, but their family too.
We will ensure this for your company. Our expertise means they can advise on visas and work permits whilst managing the application processes from start to finish, prepare relevant contractual or policy documentation and manage global mobility and relocation services. This invaluable support allows you to focus on the commercial benefits of your expansion.

Expatriate Management

Expatriate management is about moving your business’ most precious resource – your colleagues.

For any business expanding globally the expatriation process is complex and inconsistent, changing according to the country of relocation. You’ll need to offer relocated team members practical and personal support, before, during and after repatriation, making things as smooth as possible.

Immigration Services

After more than thirty years helping businesses going global we understand the time and risks. Our immigration consultants can counter problems before they occur, leaving you and your employees totally prepared.

Our immigration support starts with Visa services, passport application services and in-country immigration support, work permit requirements and work permit applications, and Tier 2 ICT to Tier 2 General visa support.

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