A Guide to Global HR & Employment Law

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Globalization isn’t a simple move from one market to answer. Businesses must be prepared for challenges before they reach success.

We’re trusted to deliver global HR and employment law

What does our global HR and employment law guide include?

  • The cost of getting international employment law compliance wrong
  • Considerations and guidance for global and local expansion
  • Ensuring compliance with employment rights and responsibilities
  • Producing and maintaining employment records and documentation
  • HR best practice
  • Employee onboarding, ongoing and offboarding procedures

What is global HR and employment law?

Global HR is the act of ensuring your employees are looked after across your organization wherever you operate. In turn, employment law offers a set of criteria that employers must adhere to. These laws often differ from country to country.

Why is global HR and employment law important?

There is a cost for businesses that get international employment law wrong, which could result in heavy fines and penalties. Without an understanding of employment terms and conditions in each of your international locations, your business could be hit with full financial and legal costs of justice abroad. The penalties can be much more than monetary; failure to work within the lines of employment contract law overseas could result in your business being blacklisted in foreign territories, seriously threatening your potential for international success. Employment law compliance is imperative for US businesses hiring abroad.

Your business’s guide to global HR and employment law

At IRIS FMP, we want you to feel empowered by your expansion strategy. That’s why employment law compliance is something you must get right to see success. With the support of an international HR consultancy service, like ours, you’ll be guided along the way. We’ll support you from onboarding to offboarding, ensuring you remain compliant.

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