Payroll and HR in Australia

Payroll and HR in Australia

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Local Time (LIVE):8:11 AM
Local Currency:$1 = $1.36
Business Language(s):English
Tax Year Dates:1 July – 30 June


With one of the worlds largest and most lucrative economies, Australia is an exciting and opportunistic location to do business. It’s also in close proximity to Asian and Pacific economies, and has had a strong period of economic growth. It’s easy to see why many consider it.

Whilst Australia has the appeal of speaking the same language and having a similar culture, it does have its challenges when it comes to doing business. There are three time zones to consider, and extreme weather can disrupt business at certain times of year. However, one of the hidden challenges often not considered is the challenge of Australian payroll and HR.

With tax considerations including Medicare contributions and levy surcharges, it can be an additional stress you don’t need. That’s why IRIS FMP are here to help take away the added responsibilities and handle the compliance ourselves.

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Employer Must-Dos

In Australia, the following reports must be submitted to strict deadlines.

  • Monthly PAYG activity statements
  • Annual summary of PAYG withholding
  • Income tax returns

Payroll in Australia

What tax considerations are there?

In Australia, income tax is based on the amount your employees earn, using a sliding scale of tax. In addition to income tax, employees must have medicare contributions deducted at 2% to pay for Australian healthcare. They will also need to pay the Medicare levy surcharge if they do not have an appropriate level of private patient hospital cover.

As with other countries, there is also corporate tax to consider, and state-based taxes apply in some instances.

HR in Australia

What are the regular working hours in Australia?

Regular working hours in Australia are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday.


The rules for dismissal in Australia must follow Commonwealth workplace laws regulated by the Fair Work Ombudsman and the Fair Work Commission. Employees cannot be terminated on unfair dismissal grounds laid out by these parties.

If an employee is to be dismissed on grounds related to performance and conduct, they must be given an opportunity to be heard before dismissal and must have been given a warning prior to dismissal.

business in melbourne

HR and Payroll in Sydney

Sydney is known for its popularity among tourists and ex-pats alike. It has long attracted people from all over the world due to its friendly and diverse population, warm weather, and attractive scenery. Where businesses are concerned, Sydney has a welcoming approach and easy start-up culture. Companies of all kinds are invited to set up shop and will receive great support and advocacy.

The population of Sydney is largely multi-cultural and well-educated. This means business owners have the added benefit of sourcing a wide range of talent from a diverse pool. It’s an innovative and exciting place to live and work, where hard-working individuals can benefit from a wealth of opportunities.

HR and Payroll in Melbourne

Melbourne is a multi-cultural city which is becoming one of Australia’s biggest business hubs. There are excellent transport links, high-class dining, and a welcoming, laid-back atmosphere – all of which have attracted ex-pats and tourists for many years.

Companies looking to start or expand a business into Melbourne will benefit from a number of local initiatives. The City of Melbourne regularly grants funding to innovative small businesses looking to be located in Melbourne. There are also small business workshops and a mentoring service available to those looking for extra assistance.

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IRIS FMP’s Australian Payroll and HR Solutions

Whether you need payroll and HR in Canberra, Sydney or Perth, IRIS FMP can help. We have the experience you need to ensure your business remains compliant with Australia’s employment laws and regulations. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Employment Contracts
  • Payroll Processing
  • Handling of payments (salaries)
  • Annual declarations (lodging, apprenticeship & training taxes for concerned companies)
  • Relations with social bodies
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Tax and Labor Law Consulting
  • Assisting in payroll audit (or payroll department audit)
  • Handling of confidential payroll
  • Assistance in company restructuring plan
  • Assistance in implementation of procedures
  • Assistance with start-up (in link with lawyers)

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