A Guide to International HR & Payroll Services

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We’re trusted to deliver international HR and payroll services

What does our international HR and payroll services guide offer?

Within this guide, you’ll find out exactly what IRIS FMP can offer your international business, including:

  • Looking after your local and international employees
  • Establishing a centralized service with expertise and experience you can benefit from
  • Offering a single point of contact for operations in any country
  • Ensuring legislative compliance and reactivity to upcoming changes
  • Standardizing your payroll procedures across all countries
  • Additional assistance to set up your operations, if you wish

What are international services for HR and payroll?

For organizations with global expansion in mind, you’ll need to consider how you deliver HR and payroll across your international teams. From local government tax contributions to developing an employee-centric culture, international services for HR and payroll can establish these.

Why do companies need international services?

Simply put, it’s often too much for HR and payroll teams to handle on top of their regular workloads. Outsourcing some or all your HR and payroll requirements to an international provider, like IRIS FMP, can majorly benefit your teams.

As well as assisting with both international and local compliance and regulations, your teams can also receive expert advice and strategies on delivering company culture, improving the onboarding processes for new hires and even mergers or acquisitions. At IRIS FMP, we act as an extension of your business, helping you towards your business goals.

The international payroll and HR company that speaks your language.

When you partner with IRIS FMP, we always put you first. Our service is simple to operate, providing you with a consolidated approach to payroll and HR. We believe it’s vital these two areas work in harmony, freeing up time for your teams and allowing them to focus on what’s important. What’s more, we take away the pressures for you: pay runs are no longer chaotic to complete thanks to our standardized procedure. You’ll also enjoy our streamlined approach to HR, helping you build the culture you desire whilst aiding your retention rates.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our international services, simply download our brochure below.

The service is simple to operate: you just send us your payroll changes, whereupon the IRIS FMP service center will process your payroll and send you consolidated payroll information. All funds are managed on your behalf, so effectively we become your international payroll department.

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