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21 November 2019

Top Ten International Payroll Issues 2020

Are you prepared for 2020? Our new Top Ten International Payroll Issues 2020 guide is a must-have read that complements our series of guides. Our guides have been running for the last four years. This essential guide identifies the key things Global HR teams will need to consider for 2020. The global marketplace continues to […]

12 July 2021

Global Payroll & HR of the Future: Survey Results

Is your organisation set up and prepared for the Global Payroll & HR of the future? This survey was carried out in June 2021 to understand what business leader’s thoughts, feelings and plans were for their payroll and HR in this new normal and global economy. Respondents came from among members of the extensive GPA […]

23 November 2017

Guide to International HR Consultancy

When a company expands across the globe there is a plethora of considerations for the employer. Language barriers, cultural differences, variations in employment legislation and differences in qualifications are just the tip of the iceberg. It’s all too easy for things to slip through the net and for local requirements to be missed. Of course, mistakes can have big (and expensive) consequences.

Human Resources (HR) can be particularly challenging. Ensuring staff are looked after and appropriately managed in country is imperative for the success of any company; big or small, local or international.

9 November 2017

Guide to International Payroll

In a global economy, growing numbers of US organisations now have overseas employees – as well as US citizens on secondment. For the majority of countries, paying both local and US citizens presents a number of obstacles you may not have taken into consideration.From statutory working hours to annual leave entitlement and contributions to health provision and state pensions, IRIS FMP are here to guide you through the process.