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IRIS FMP will simplify Swedish payroll and HR. As a recognized, trusted global payroll and HR specialist in Sweden, one of our 88 in-country teams are on-hand to help ensure your international employees don’t miss a payment.

Understanding and overcoming the barriers in Swedish payroll and HR is no small feat without a specialist. Compliance is an urgent priority during any global expansion, so you will need help navigating the differing laws, cultures and regulations. Without help, it can feel overwhelming to stay on top of everything. Fortunately, our expert teams are here to help. We offer:

Looking for Payroll and HR Services?

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    Swedish Payroll 

    We help remove the complications associated with global payroll – we’ll manage everything from local pay to benefits, and more. Through our payroll support, your growing workforce will be paid accurately, every time.  

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    Swedish  HR 

    Put your trust in our HR services and we’ll ensure your global employees are taken care of – including matters of legislation and compliance.

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    Swedish Employment Law Compliance

    We will help you to seamlessly onboard your organization’s people in Sweden. As a leading in-country specialist, we support with contracts, policies, handbooks and more.

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    Global Payments Services

    Covering all industries, we are able to provide compliant, global payment services. We make your cross-border transfers cost-effective.  

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    $1 = kr10.85
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    1st January
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    31st December

    Details correct at time of publication. You should not rely on these details without first seeking professional international advice.

    A trusted advisor for global expansion

    We support businesses in 135 countries worldwide to reach their expansion goals.

    Global Expansion in Sweden

    Business-friendly Sweden is an attractive choice for businesses looking to expand internationally, being one of the world’s biggest beneficiaries of foreign investment. From a low corporate tax rate (based only on a company’s annual profit) to competitive labor costs, there’s a multitude of reasons for businesses to expand to Sweden. With its great access to the EU and Nordic markets, businesses can benefit from easy and convenient access to Europe.

    However, despite Sweden’s many benefits, there are inevitably some complicated processes to follow, none more so than Sweden’s unique payroll and HR processes. International payroll and HR can present a number of difficulties for those not versed in the country’s legislation and regulations. Fortunately, IRIS FMP are here to help guide you and take care of compliance whilst you get on with the important day to day.

    Employer Must-Dos

    In Sweden, the following reports must be submitted to strict deadlines:

    • Tax Returns
    • KU10 reports
    • Corporate Income Declaration

    HR in Sweden

    What are the regular working hours in Sweden?

    The usual working hours in Sweden are 40 hours a week, with a maximum limit of 48 hours. After 5pm, most employees go home for the day.


    In Sweden, employers are able to dismiss employees with or without notice. A dismissal with notice must be based on objective grounds. These can be objective reasons (for instance, redundancy) or subjective personal reasons relating to the employee directly – e.g based on performance.

    Payroll in Sweden

    What tax considerations are there?

    The biggest difference with taxation in Sweden is the very high personal income tax rate. This currently sits at 61.85% (correct at time of publication – 2018). Employee income tax is subject to both municipal and national tax. The municipal income tax differs in each municipality and is updated each year. There is also corporate tax to consider as well as social security for both employees and employers.

    Want to Know More About International Payroll?

    Download our free guide to international payroll today, covering further considerations and implications of payroll and HR abroad.

    IRIS FMP’s Swedish Payroll and HR Solutions

    No matter if you’re looking for payroll and HR services in Stockholm or Gothenburg, IRIS FMP can offer cost-effective solutions that are tailored to your business. We will help with tax compliance, visas and much more, including:

    • Employment Contracts
    • Payroll Processing
    • Handling of payments (salaries)
    • Annual declarations (lodging, apprenticeship & training taxes for concerned companies)
    • Relations with social bodies
    • Regulatory Compliance
    • Tax and Labor Law Consulting
    • Assisting in payroll audit (or payroll department audit)
    • Handling of confidential payroll
    • Assistance in company restructuring plan
    • Assistance in implementation of procedures
    • Assistance with start-up (in link with lawyers)

    Stay Compliant – Payroll and HR Services in Sweden

    We’re help to help throughout all stages of your expansion. Get guidance and support from one of our expert team today, and make sure your business is compliant with Swedish legislation.