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At IRIS FMP, we’re able to simplify Malaysian payroll and HR. As a trusted global payroll and HR specialist, one of our 88 in-country teams will help ensure your overseas employees are paid on time, every time.

Navigating the obstacles of global payroll and HR in Malaysia requires expert help. Compliance is always a priority for businesses during any global expansion, especially when it comes to their overseas employees. It can feel overwhelming to understand the differing laws, cultures and regulations. Our expert teams are here to help. We offer:

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    Payroll in Malaysia 

    We remove  the complications of global payroll, by managing everything from pay to benefits, and more. With our payroll support, your growing workforce will be paid accurately, on-time, every time.  

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    HR in Malaysia  

    Companies trust our HR solutions when it comes to legislation and compliance. Our HR support will help you thrive.

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    Malaysian Employment Law Compliance

    Seamlessly onboard your organization’s talent with minimal distractions. As your reliable in-country specialist, we cover help with contracts, policies, handbooks and more.

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    Global Payments Services

    Our global payment services put compliance first, regardless of your industry. We can even make your cross-border transfers more cost-effective.  

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    Calling Code
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    Timezone in Capital
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    Malaysian ringgit (MYR)
    $1 = RM4.68
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    Malaysian(بهاس مليسيا)
    Other Business Languages
    Malaysian, English
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    1st January
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    31st December

    Details correct at time of publication. You should not rely on these details without first seeking professional international advice.

    A trusted advisor for global expansion

    We support businesses in 135 countries worldwide to reach their expansion goals.

    Global Expansion in Luxembourg

    Thanks to its sizeable population, robust economy and proximity to Singapore, Malaysia is a popular country to expand into. Many businesses choose to expand their operations to Malaysia because of its low operation costs, and thanks to its multilingual residents, it makes for an easy transition.

    That’s not to say expanding to Malaysia is without its difficulties. Despite many Malaysians speaking English, legal compliance and the logistics of expansion can disrupt your processes.

    To make sure your employees are paid correctly and on time, you need an international payroll and HR expert by your side. Fortunately, IRIS FMP have a wealth of experience when it comes to international payroll and HR.

    We understand a smooth transition can be difficult when you’re trying to maintain regulatory compliance and get your head around new administrative procedures. Get in touch today and discover how we can help.

    Employer Must-Dos

    In Malaysia, the following reports must be submitted to strict deadlines.

    • Corporate tax return
    • SOSCO & EPF forms

    Payroll in Malaysia

    What tax considerations are there?

    If an employee works in Malaysia for more than 182 days they are classed as a resident. If they work for more than 60 days but less than 182, they are classed as non-residents. Income tax is determined on a progressive scale for residents of Malaysia, whilst non-residents must pay a flat rate of 28%.

    One key consideration to be aware of in Malaysia is that the tax system is territorial. Both residents and non-residents of Malaysia are taxed on their Malaysian-sourced income whilst foreign income is usually not taxed (unless exemptions apply – for instance double taxation).

    Employees and employers must make contributions towards the Social Security Organization (SOCSO), which is a health benefits scheme (expats excluded). Additionally, employers and Malaysian employees must make contributions towards the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) for retirement benefits. Non-Malaysian employees can become members if they wish.

    Non-resident companies are taxed at a flat rate of 24% for corporate tax.

    HR in Malaysia

    What are the regular working hours in Malaysia?

    The Malaysian Employment Act defines the Malaysian work week as 48 hours, with a maximum 8-hour work day, 6 days a week. Usual business hours in Malaysia are between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.


    A minimum of 10 paid holiday days are prescribed by the Malaysian Labor Law.


    An employment contract can be terminated in Malaysia if there is deemed just cause to do so. Recognised grounds for dismissal include gross misconduct, poor performance, redundancy and business closure. Employees must be given notice of termination unless their dismissal was due to misconduct or poor performance.

    Want to know more about international payroll?

    Download our international payroll guide for more information on international payroll and discover key considerations.

    IRIS FMP’s Malaysian Payroll and HR Solutions

    No matter if you’re looking for payroll and HR in Kuala Lumpur or George Town, IRIS FMP’s global payroll and HR experts are here to help. Our services include but are not restricted to:

    • Employment Contracts
    • Payroll Processing
    • Year End Income Tax Reconciliation
    • Coordinating with the Company HR Department
    • Regulatory Compliance
    • Benefits Administration
    • Multi-currency Salary Payments and Bonuses
    • Withholding taxes payments to respective authority
    • Payroll Audit Services
    • Email Payslip Services
    • Pension Administration
    • Employee Local Tax Administration
    • Tax and Labor Consulting
    • Legal representation / Assistance
    • Handling of confidential Payroll
    • Translation Services

    Maintain Compliance with Your Malaysian Payroll & HR

    IRIS FMP are ready to help you make the move to Malaysia. Get in touch today and find out more about our international payroll and HR services.