Textile Exchange

IRIS FMP was tasked with managing global HR and payroll compliance to help Textile Exchange strengthen their international footprint.

Since 2002, Textile Exchange has worked with brands, manufacturers, and farms around the globe to create sustainable textiles. Their goal is to help the fashion industry reconnect with the resources it uses at every step in the supply chain and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to 45% by 2030.

Discover how IRIS FMP was able to help Textile Exchange expand and strengthen its international footprint so that it could not just survive the 2020 global crisis, but come out the other end thriving.

The Problem

From day 1, Textile Exchange was an entirely digital organization. They never had a day in an office, and they were scattered around the globe trying to make a difference where they were.

They discovered that the best way to make a change in the fashion and textile industry is by having boots on the ground and directly interacting with industry leaders and influencers. But this led to a problem – the fashion industry is a global industry, and they needed a global team.

They knew they needed more employees globally, but the team at Textile Exchange realized that the legal responsibilities for an international business were too big for them to manage. As a small team of about 50 employees, they weren’t experts on international laws and each nation’s compliance regulations. They wanted to make a difference in the world, not be caught up in HR and payroll paperwork.

The Solution

Textile Exchange had a list of needs when they started to hunt for an HR solution. They needed a solution that could support their global company and continue to support them as they expand into new regions worldwide.

IRIS’s Fully Managed Payroll and HR (FMP HRC) solution met all of those goals. Textile Exchange first expanded into Sweden, then the UK, and then worked around the globe, country by country, as their team continued to grow.

The Results

Textile Exchange has grown from 50 employees to 130 employees worldwide, with employees in Canada, the UK, Sweden, France, Italy, and Spain, and are looking to expand soon into Germany and the Netherlands.

Audra Bright, the Human Resources and Internal Systems Senior Manager at Textile Exchange, attributes that growth entirely to IRIS. “We wouldn’t be where we are right now without IRIS.”

IRIS provided not just a global HR and payroll solution but did it in a way that was accessible and easy to manage. “Everything is all in the web portal, which is amazing. I love it. It’s so much easier.”

Additionally, IRIS FMP has helped them streamline their HR processes, saving them time and money. “It makes it so much easier to pull things. I can find what I need whenever I need it. The process is so much more streamlined, and I never have to deal with paperwork getting lost.”

IRIS FMP even changed how Textile Exchange approached recruiting. Many prospective employees wanted to know what benefit options were available. Textile Exchange was able to rely on IRIS to ensure that benefits packages were compliant with international regulations for each country without requiring any additional work from Textile Exchange. “Without IRIS, we wouldn’t be able to recruit the talent we’ve been able to.”

“I recommend everyone to go with IRIS. Everyone who I’ve worked with, and every question I’ve ever had, IRIS does everything for you. It’s made my life joyous.”


IRIS FMP makes global payroll and HR simple by managing complexities due to language barriers, compliance with local legislation, and different currencies. IRIS FMP works as an extension of your team and ensures you avoid all risks while saving you time and effort in managing your global workforce.

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