IRIS FMP was tasked with providing HR consultancy to increase efficiency for linear motion component manufacturer HepCoMotion.


A straight line to success for HepcoMotion

Expanding into new markets is becoming more common for growing businesses. Whether it’s familiar territory or a new adventure, international organisations are hopeful for a smooth journey.

For HepcoMotion, a global leader in linear motion, a change was needed to keep pace with its own growth. With over 50 years in the business and employees based around the world, the third-generation family-owned business was rapidly outgrowing its previous solution.

After discovering IRIS HR Consulting, employees are now experiencing the unparalleled peace of mind they are renowned for providing to their customers.

In need of some rest and relaxation

In the 17 years Lynsey Frank has worked for HepcoMotion she cites major growth. As a HR Manager, Lynsey’s team needed the right resources to deliver peace of mind to not only customers but employees too. She says, “In our early days, connecting within our family business was effortless.  However, as the business and number of employees has grown, we’ve implemented more structured processes and procedures.  Our branches, operating in various countries alongside our UK office, have expanded both in business activities and number of employees.

“Previously, we worked with a lawyer for specific queries, contacting them as issues arose. Despite our long-standing relationship, I felt our business lacked the continuous, proactive support crucial for our operations across multiple countries and essential for shaping our future strategies.”

With offices in seven different countries and teams of employees scattered around the world, a streamlined approach was a must-have for HepcoMotion. An umbrella solution to service all the countries the business operates in was the ultimate goal, and it was especially important to Lynsey to find someone proactive they could put their faith in.

Peace of mind with IRIS HR Consulting

Recently, Lynsey and her team needed guidance on how to navigate offering employees a pay rise within the bounds of their Collective Labour Agreement (CAO). Lynsey tells us, “Making informed and timely global business decisions was challenging for us, especially as UK-based company dealing with multiple countries.

“We wanted to offer our Dutch employees a pay increase, but we were bound by the CAO agreement in the Netherlands. We had some specific questions about this which we were able to answer with the help of IRIS HR Consulting. We’ve since expanded our operation in the Netherlands and it’s been key for us to have IRIS on board.”

Our team of UK and international experts help companies of all sizes manage their workforce across the globe. As a single, global provider, IRIS HR Consulting removes the complexity of multiple suppliers and languages, ensuring compliance of organisations and their people across 135 countries.

Keeping you compliant with our global HR Gurus

When leading a global business, searching for answers can be the real battle. For Lynsey, it was especially important to have a single point of contact the business could rely on to keep compliant, avoiding the costly and time-consuming search for guidance.

Lynsey has been working alongside one of IRIS’s International HR Consultants for nearly a year and the experience has been eye-opening. She tells us, “She gets us, and she’s developed an understanding of how we as a business operate. We’ve done quite a bit of work, including contracts for new salesmen in Austria, and reviewing contracts for offices in Germany and Spain.”

Steph Coward, Managing Director of HCM at IRIS, tells us, “Working as an extension of your team, our consultants will proactively seek the answers to your questions, calling on their extensive network of HR professionals to keep your business compliant. We’re thrilled to see how our consultants have helped HepcoMotion in their growing success this year and look forward to working with them more in the future.”

A stress-free strategy for growth

Alongside their dedicated HR consultant, Lynsey and her team will continue to develop the ongoing CAO project before working on some exciting benefits projects and focusing on delivering long-term strategies.

Having a worldwide HR consultancy service at their fingertips has transformed Lynsey and her team’s work life. She tells us, “I highly recommend IRIS HR Consulting. The biggest benefit is having a single point of contact to direct questions about multiple countries in which you’re trading. From a business point of view, it’s helped us shape the strategy we have built in the last 12 months.”

With IRIS HR Consulting, HepcoMotion avoids the expensive, time-consuming process of recruiting in-country specialists. Instead, Lynsey and her team can focus on fostering a positive workplace culture around the world and continuing to grow a successful, global business.

International organisations can have peace of mind, knowing that with IRIS HR Consultancy we provide local expertise through a single point of contact, addressing any issue they may face.

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