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FMP Payroll Services online payslips solution alleviates the need to print staff payslips internally. This means that you can effectively minimise the amount of time involved in distributing staff payslips and substantially reduce the associated costs, without the financial commitment of a full self-service ERP system.

Your payroll managers have the flexibility to choose which documentation is available for your staff to view. This can be limited to just payslip data or you can include other important information such as P60s.
However we recommend that staff should still have the option of a being given a hard copy payslip if circumstances change or they do not have internet access.

Our online payslips solution enables your employees to view their payslips via a secure web portal that can be accessed from any PC with an internet connection. When a pay run is complete and the payslip file has been uploaded to the secure site an email is automatically generated; notifying relevant employees that their pay advice is ready to view. Payslips are then stored in the employees unique online account, in which they have instant access to their full payslip history at any time. Staff can also print copies of their payslips from the portal.

How are Online Payslips made available to staff?

The portal can be configured to automatically generate an email notifying employees that their pay advice is ready to view when the pay run is complete and the payslip file has been uploaded to the secure site. This email alert does not include a live URL link.

What is the login process for users accessing their online payslips?
By collecting employee contact details including name, telephone number and company email address from you on implementation we will create an email login for each employee at which point they will receive a system generated password. When they login for the first time they will be instructed to change their password to something memorable. There are also a series of security questions that can be set up by the employee.

How long are online payslips records kept for in the secure portal?
This is agreed at implementation stage and can be anything from a few months to years.

How do we sync new employees with Online Payslips?
Payrite Online Payslips is controlled by the payroll data entered onto the system. Payroll Mangers just need to process a new starter’s payroll and add the employee’s company email address. Then when this is uploaded to the portal an email notification will be sent alerting the employee that their payslip is ready to view. If no email address is added then a new starter will not receive the email notification but their data will be stored on the system.

How long would employees that have left the company still be able to access their data for?
This is agreed at implementation stage and it can be tailored to suit your company needs.

Do we still have the option of printing payslips?
Employees that still wish to receive a paper payslip can request this via your Payroll Department. Payroll Administrators will have the option to authorise printed and/or online payslips for all staff. It is particularly useful for payslips to continue to be printed during staff maternity leave or long term sickness.

Is it legal to provide staff with payslips online?
Under Section 8 of the Employment Rights Act 1996, employers must provide an ‘itemised pay statement’ and it must be ‘given’ to the employee by the employer. This must be done ‘at or before’ the time the payment is made, and must be ‘written’. Our Online Payslips solution fully adheres to these rules.

Can I legally provide staff P60s online?
Yes. In April 2010 HMRC guidance changed to give employers the option of issuing online P60s to their employees.

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