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International Payroll

foreign-exchangeOverseeing multiple payroll suppliers in multiple languages, combined with the complexities of different legislation in each country, can make coordinating international payroll difficult or even unmanageable.

Payroll services, procedures and regulations vary greatly in each country. We are there to guide you through the different rules and regulations, and to deliver on your behalf smooth global payroll services to all of your international employees.

Our international payroll team will guide you through the monthly payroll process from initial data input through to payday, followed by the associated payments of tax, social security etc. in each country.

By using our international payroll service, you will enjoy the confidence that your payroll is legally compliant and running efficiently in each country, giving peace of mind to both your global payroll services team and your international employees.

Working with us you will be in the hands of global payroll experts who understand the complexities of delivering international payroll solutions in multiple locations, languages and currencies. You can also have confidence that your payrolls are being run by a team dedicated to providing you with the most efficient service, and taking the hassle out of having employees abroad.

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The benefits include:

  • A consistently high quality international payroll service across all countries.
  • A single contact within the international payroll team for all countries, providing a personal service where one person handles your whole company’s payroll requirements.
  • In-country experts running your global payroll, providing country-specific payroll reporting and payslip delivery to employees, plus tax and social security reporting and payments.
  • Direct payments to your employees in their local currency, including facilities which give you the peace of mind that you can settle with one transfer, in one currency.

Worldwide support

FMP Payroll Services international payroll solution is handled within the FMP Global Group though our sister company FMP Global.

FMP Global is the leading supplier of international payroll services globally, with a professional team that is qualified to the various professional standards in each country in which it operates.

Their client service centre, based in London, provides support to organisations in over 100 countries, working during both European and North American business hours.

With a service network supporting 40,000 clients in these countries, from small organisations with a few people to large multinational corporations, you’re guaranteed a high quality personal service.

Why Use FMP Payroll Services?


… Over 40 years experience


… 2,200 customers, and growing


… 100,000+ payslips a month


… Over £1.8 Billion BACS transactions



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