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Foreign Exchange Made Easy

foreign-exchangeEver wished you had more control over the execution and cost of your foreign currency and cross-border payments?

With FMP Payroll Services you can.

FMP Payroll Services has the global capability to handle foreign exchange (fx) international transfers in any currency. Our Foreign Exchange service is not just limited to payroll and contractor payments, as we can also seamlessly handle any of your cross-border payments as well. Single wire transfers for your global Accounts Payable and inter-entity cash management is an effortless process with us.

Our tailored solutions will enable you to remit one single currency transfer to settle multiple payments in various currencies. Using market leading spot rates we’ll deliver significant cost and time savings. Using software that updates market rates every seven seconds you can be sure you’re getting the very best rates available.

And our Foreign Exchange service can eliminate those excessive bank charges associated with cross-border payments – start sending payments today from as little as £2.50 per payment – High transfer fees are a thing of the past.

  • One single transfer by you for all funds including taxes and salaries
  • You will not be charged any bank fees.
  • We are able to track all payments from the moment they are sent
  • Transfer funds to us in your nominated currency
  • Payments will be chased and pay dates will not be missed providing payments sent on time
  • No commission charged on Foreign Exchange

Our service is the easiest, most efficient way to transfer funds

International Payments Graph

Our solutions will help keep international payments efficient, reliable, and in-line with your business goals.


International payments are more than just funds transmitted across borders. They’re a crucial means of communicating with your overseas partners and peers – and an important part of moving your business forward.
Effectively managed international transactions can strengthen cross-border business relationships and give you a key competitive advantage. Our easy to use, efficient platforms can help you effortlessly send and manage your international payments.

Our global network of banking relationships ensures your international and domestic payments are easily and efficiently executed as local account-to-account transfers. The result – lower costs for your organisation and beneficiaries.

  • Pay to 135 countries and territories / Transfers in over 135 currencies
  • Dedicated Support from true Foreign Exchange specialists
  • Tailored solutions and strategies customised to your business
  • Wires, ACHs, and drafts
  • Real-time exchange rates
  • Automatic beneficiary notifications
  • Intuitive payment tracking
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities
  • Scheduled or immediate payment release
  • Tools to help you reduce currency
  • Industry expertise and experience
  • Significant reduction in international wire fees
  • All compliance regulations associated with the transfers handled by our professional team

FMP’s global operation enables you to benefit from international solutions that support employees wherever they are based.

Our Foreign Exchange solution was created to support organisations expanding internationally. Many organisations need a centralised, single-process service that will provide co-ordination of all aspects of setting up employees abroad.

Many US listed or US funded organisations have found that Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) legislation can have a major impact on how their business operates.

As a result considerable demand has been seen by organisations wishing to consolidate processes to ensure better control.

More and more organisations are also adopting an HR shared service centre approach, and our service model supports this perfectly.

Our solution allows us to work with international organisations without a presence in the required country. The solution has been built around the unique requirements of organisations of this type, in particular companies in the USA.


FMP Payroll Services Foreign Exchange solution is handled within the FMP Global Group though our sister company FMP Global.

FMP Global is the leading supplier of international payroll services globally, with a professional team that is qualified to the various professional standards in each country in which it operates.

Their client service centre, based in London, provides support to organisations in over 100 countries, working during both European and North American business hours.

With a service network supporting 40,000 clients in these countries, from small organisations with a few people to large multinational corporations, you’re guaranteed a high quality personal service.

Why Use FMP Payroll Services?


… Over 40 years experience


… 2,200 customers, and growing


… 100,000+ payslips a month


… Over £1.8 Billion BACS transactions



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