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Accurate Payroll Solutions / Flexible Payroll Solutions

The words you want to hear when considering a payroll provider are accuracy and flexibility.


It’s imperative your payroll is correct and regularly delivered to your employees on payday.

Our business is built upon these principles and to whatever level you are outsourcing with FMP Payroll Services, we make sure you get what you need when you need it – an accurate payroll you can rely on.

FMP Payroll Services actively encourage managing accuracy at every stage of the payroll process. We make sure we’re not only monitoring the end result, but the entire process leading up to it, streamlining wherever possible and enabling your business to run as smoothly as it can.

Our confidence is underpinned by our accreditation through the CIPP. The Payroll Assurance Scheme accreditation audits all of FMP’s procedures, demonstrating the company’s commitment to raising compliance standards in the payroll profession.

The PAS accreditation looks at the overall payroll set-up, including payroll and software processes and relationships. Assessment focusses strongly on the basic gross to net processes by which payroll officers and departments ensure that the correct deductions are made from employees pay and are accounted for to HMRC and other authorities as appropriate.

We understand that payroll accuracy reflects on your business and is very emotive for your staff. As such, we want to support you by delivering a solution that will strengthen your organisations’ relationship with its staff – through delivery of the right payslips at the right time.

Why not contact us to discuss how we can improve the accuracy and delivery of your payroll solution?


Flexible Payroll SolutionsWhichever way you cut it, no one knows what your business will look like in one or two years time, so why do suppliers insist on fixing you into long term contracts, giving you no ability to review and possibly change your solution?

FMP Payroll Services is part of FMP Global Plc, and as such benefits from using our own payroll software to underpin the flexible payroll solutions we create for our clients.

Owning and developing our own software means we can provide every solution from completely in-house payroll software to completely outsourced payroll functions and everything in between – if the direction of your organisation changes, growth or acquisition leads you to need a different payroll solution , or you simply want to explore different requirements you can be reassured that FMP Payroll Services can give you the solution your business needs.

Our team can guide you and tailor payroll solutions for your business, using extensive knowledge and expertise of the payroll landscape.

Our solutions are comprehensive, flexible and cost effective. We are able to not only help you with the best solution to your business needs right now, but also support you through our Account Management function through your entire customer life with FMP Payroll Services. We’ll make sure that when your business needs change we are able to support you as a true business partner and make sure that payroll still delivers the same results to your business.

Why Use FMP Payroll Services?


… Over 40 years experience


… 2,200 customers, and growing


… 100,000+ payslips a month


… Over £1.8 Billion BACS transactions



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