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Payroll Solutions

At FMP (previously Bond) we offer a range of flexible payroll solutions to businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re looking to outsource some or all of your payroll functions, or implement a specialist software in-house to make managing your payroll more efficient, we have the expertise and resources to meet your requirements.

Payroll Outsourcing Solutions

Fully Managed Payroll This is a complete outsourced service where you get all the benefits of a payroll department, without the overhead costs or responsibilities. This is the ideal payroll solution for businesses that want to use valuable time and resources to focus on core revenue-boosting objectives rather than the day-to-day management of payroll.

Part Managed PayrollWe can provide you with the front end version of our HMRC accredited software to manage data input and reporting in-house, whilst also taking care of more complex payroll processes. This will help to streamline payroll processes internally with the same capabilities of a dedicated payroll team – just without the associated costs and administrative burden.

In-House Payroll Solutions

Our FMP Payrite software can be implemented in your business to take care of all your payroll processes. It is essential for helping to reduce errors, improve productivity, and can save you valuable time and money. Our in-house payroll software is feature rich and automated – designed to take care of a wide range of functions, including auto enrolment, RTI submissions, reporting and auditing. It also has the ability to interface with over 80 HR software and finance solutions.

Find out more about our in-house solutions.

Auto Enrolment Services

We can help you set up a new pension scheme, or manage an existing version, to help you prepare for auto enrolment. Whatever your business requirements, we can help find a pension solution to support your staff effectively.

Find out more about our auto enrolment services.

Benefits of FMP Payroll Solutions

With FMP Payroll Solutions you can:

Pay Staff Accurately & On Time, Every Time

It’s reassuring to know that a team of experienced, qualified payroll professionals is looking after your valued employees. FMP Payroll Services has the expertise and technology to guarantee that your payroll is turned around quickly and accurately every time, for everyone.

Access Experienced, Highly Qualified Staff

Our key payroll professionals are CIPP qualified or BTEC equivalent. Each member of staff has years of practical hands-on experience across a range of diverse companies and industries.

Each payroll professional therefore has the experience and knowledge to deal with any type of requirement.

Talk to UK-Based Payroll Teams

All FMP Payroll employees are located within a UK campus, enabling strong communication across the business.

Receive Dedicated Support as a Changing Organisation

We enable businesses to implement change effectively through the delivery of tailored solutions. Choosing the right partner is crucial to making this choice work for your business.

Get Enhanced Flexibility

We are an agile business, which means we can deliver solutions against aggressive timescales whilst facilitating requirements from multiple sources.


Our teams of experts are on hand to offer total support to all our clients, whatever industry or size. We have a wealth of experience in managing complex, multi-site payroll implementations, as well as ensuring that smaller deployments are managed professionally and effectively at all times.

Get in touch to discuss your payroll requirements and how we can deliver a tailored solution for your business.

Why Use FMP Payroll Services?


… Over 40 years experience


… 2,200 customers, and growing


… 100,000+ payslips a month


… Over £1.8 Billion BACS transactions



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