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Case Studies

Download our case study to understand how Avery is now able to:
  • Support aggressive growth objectives and rapidly increasing staff numbers
  • Implement a streamlined, efficient end-to-end payroll process
  • Capture the hours worked by staff members thanks to a Time & Attendance solution
  • Manage multiple Auto-Enrolment staging dates with expert payroll support

Download our case study to understand how Harlequins was able to:
  • Bring on a payroll provider with the ability to support the club’s future expansion
  • Seamlessly migrate payroll with minimal impact on the business or employees
  • Massively reduce the amount of employee payroll queries

Fabulous Fan Fayre opted to outsource its payroll to FMP Payroll Services - download our case study to find out how FMP has helped to:
  • Manage the massive variation in weekly payroll volumes and values with tight integration to the time & attendance system.
  • Provide all employees with electronic payslips.
  • Empower Fabulous Fan Fayre with valuable business insight on a weekly basis.

An International Investment Company, which has 20 offices worldwide, expertise across every asset class, and investments in every major market across the globe has a monthly payroll of around £15 million for 750 employees. Prior to June 2013, the company was restricted by a lack of reporting ability and faced on-going challenges due to the significant time constraints associated with its complex payroll processes. The Investment Company needed a payroll provider they could trust wouldn’t miss deadlines or create unnecessary delays, and with the pressure of RTI nearing, a decision was made to move to another provider – FMP Payroll Services.

Download our case study to find out how, since 2012, FMP Payroll Services has helped ecdp to:
  • Reduce its use of internal resources.
  • Reduce the amount of data that needs to be manually inputted.
  • Onboard 15,000 payrolls.

Why Use FMP Payroll Services?


… Over 40 years experience


… 2,200 customers, and growing


… 100,000+ payslips a month


… Over £1.8 Billion BACS transactions



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