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Part Managed Payroll – What are my responsibilities

When you take on a part managed service from FMP Payroll Services we’ll provide you with a front end version of our software. You’ll maintain this on your own networks and system.

We’ll provide you with training so that you’re comfortable using the system and inputting payroll data. Once you’ve finalised the input of data you’ll transmit the data, in an encrypted format for security, via an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) link to us.

On receipt we’ll close down the payrun for the current period, process the payroll, submit BACS payments to employees and third parties, and print and distribute payslips and reports.

Everyone has different requirements but your responsibilities could be:-

Agree processing schedules and providing deadline dates for the year

Day to Day

  • Provide and maintain an up to date list of authorised contacts and signatories
  • Download/manual entry and application of all statutory notices (P6, P9, SL1, SL2) from HMRC to employees records
  • Data entry of all payroll information
  • Accuracy checks of all data entry
  • Submission of payroll to BPS within agreed deadlines
  • Provide BPS with a list of Leavers made outside of the current payrun, for the production of P45s
  • Ensuring all staff being paid are legally entitled to work within the UK


  • Provide authorisation to BPS to send BACS payments, in agreed format, by agreed signatories. Where no authority is required, provide signed Disclaimer. Failure to provide the authorisation as per the agreed processing schedules may lead to late payment.
  • To ensure availability of nominated signatories on dates where BACS payments are due to be sent.
  • Send all non BACS payments
  • Agreeing BACS limits with the sponsoring bank is the responsibility of the Customer together with ensuring that any payroll submitted for processing falls within this limit.
  • Individual BACS recalls, for an individual within a BACS file



  • Ensuring RTI validation is carried out before sending files to ensure BPS can submit RTI files to HMRC.
  • Provide authorisation to BPS to send RTI submissions to HMRC, in agreed format, where no authority is required, provide signed disclaimer
  • Provide answers to year end declaration in a timely manner enabling BPS to submit final RTI submission of the tax year

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