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Brand new name for award winning outsourcer

FMP Payroll Services has become the new name for Bond Payroll Services, as a division of FMP Global.

The tweak to the brand sees the original Bond Payroll Services website becoming part of the FMP Global website, in a move that brings together UK Payroll, International payroll, and HR & Payroll software under one roof. The new name builds on the good name the company has created in the payroll marketplace. The move also sees Linkedin, Twitter and other social profiles moving to the FMP Global name, and sees the Bond HR & Payroll Software name changing to FMP HR & Payroll Software.

New Name. Great Legacy

Gary Webb, FMP Global’s Marketing Director commented: “There was a good deal of legacy value attached to the Bond Payroll Services name, and we wanted to ensure that the transition from this was well communicated to both new and existing payroll customers. Undoing two decades of association with a particular brand can be tricky. And there’s still much work to be done. However, the new name, brand identity and website are the first steps in this process.”

The move signifies the formal end of the relationship of Bond Payroll Services with Bond International Software plc. Bond Payroll Services, Bond HR and Payroll Software and FMP Global were acquired through a private equity based MBO in August 2016. The existing management team, lead by FMP Global CEO Justin Cottrell, launched the group name in September 2016.

New outsourced services

FMP Payroll Services, under its new name, will continue to offer award winning payroll services to the UK Market place, but is now fully supported in the group by both an international payroll offering, and HMRC approved payroll software and integrated HR and & Payroll software under respected brands Amity and Payrite.

“The new company has given us the ability to offer much more for our customers” says Webb, “and we’ve already launched our first additional service ‘Employment Guardian’ for our SME customers, providing cost effective HR services on an ongoing or adhoc basis, helping smaller companies remain compliant in the field of employment law.”

Still producing Award Winning payroll

The new FMP Group already has a clutch of awards but added a first under the new name at the recent Payroll World Awards, grabbing the Best Payroll Support Team award. This adds to the Payroll Team Award – Bureau/service Provider at the 2015 Payroll World Awards and the Judges Award for Outstanding Achievement at the Global Payroll Awards in May 2016. Webb feels there’s still more to win for the new company; “We have a great committed team and some great ideas to shake up the payroll market. We’re looking forward to what we can achieve over the coming years.”


Author's biography: Gary looks after PR, marketing and communications for FMP Payroll Services, and ensures that all communications help to drive understanding of the solutions available from our experienced payroll team.

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