Global Mergers & Acquisitions

Get seamless transition on your international merger or acquisition. Our expert team of global HR consultants will help you save time and money on the cost of managing and organising the transfer of business assets.

Whether through organic growth, mergers and acquisition, carve-outs, divestitures, spin-offs or IPOs, we’ll ensure a smooth integration for businesses wishing to expand globally.

We’re uniquely placed to offer expert insights into regional employment laws and practices across the globe, helping you minimize your international expansion risks by making informed decisions at every step.

This includes conducting pre-transaction international HR, compensation and benefits, immigration due diligence and subsequently the post-transaction international compliance audit. Additionally, RIF (Reduction in Force) is a potential consideration when dealing with mergers and acquisitions and we will advise, develop and execute strategic planning surrounding this.

These services are offered on an ongoing, ad hoc basis to the corporate HR/management team until the global HR infrastructure is ready to transition.

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Acquisition & Merger Advice and Management

FMP Global helps organizations proactively respond to the HR challenges associated with pre-transaction due diligence. Before a merger or acquisition takes place, due diligence must be exercised to ensure that you understand your target company’s current HR status and to be aware of any and all risks and impacts to you and the deal.

Mitigating risk is critical to the success of any transaction whether that be financial or operational, and FMP will support you throughout. If possible, consulting with FMP before you make any firm decisions is preferable as we can help you in assessing your options and deciding which country is best for your company based on a number of factors.

After your transaction, FMP will continue supporting you in achieving a successful integration. We will provide strategic advice on your new organization structure, act as first point of contact to new employees and ensure a smooth transition throughout.

FMP will assist with:

  • Employment Contracts
  • Past or pending employment litigation
  • Benefits
  • Compensation
  • Change in control provisions
  • Entity & employment structure
  • Policies
  • Union or bargaining agreements
  • Organisational structure

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Why FMP?

We have experience in managing employee transfers and ensuring the smooth transfer of workforce assets during mergers and acquisitions. Whether at a global or domestic level, our expert team is here to assist with your business merger.

Quality Service

During the merger or acquisition, FMP takes the helm of your company’s HR processes to ensure a smooth, legal and timely process.

Peace of Mind

We will tailor a communications strategy to your business to keep employees engaged during the transaction, so you always know what’s going on.

Ongoing Support

After the transaction FMP will continue supporting your company to ensure a seamless transition for all.

Next steps

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