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Managing staff is challenging for any business, but it is particularly difficult when you are not located in the same country and lack local expertise.

With employment law being changed every year, employers can find it a challenge to comply with the legislation that governs their relationship with their staff. That’s why our legal experts are here to support you. Our regional legal professionals are on hand to make any proceedings you encounter easy, compliant and painless.

As an addition to payroll services, FMP Global will provide you with access to relevant documentation, advice and additional support, always notifying you of the costs beforehand so that you’ll always stay in control.

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Compliant, legal HR management

Our service provides a range of indispensable solutions that will allow you to manage your employees in a legally compliant manner, helping you to keep your business safe so that you can concentrate on your core activities.

Stay Compliant

We will provide you with all the essential paperwork, review all your current documents and advise you of any compliance changes.

Access Our Expertise

Get practical HR advice from an expert who already knows your business and its focus.

Legal Support

You can be confident that you are fully compliant for payroll and HR purposes in any country where your business takes you.

Experts in employment law

Our dedicated international employment law experts will support you and are here to advise you on all aspects of employment law including:

  • Employment contracts
  • Employee handbooks
  • Employee advice
  • Best practice procedures
  • Bespoke letters

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Why choose FMP Global?

By using FMP Global’s HR service, you will enjoy absolute peace of mind, knowing that you will always be fully compliant and up-to-date with the latest legislation in any country. Your dedicated HR adviser will be available during normal working hours to assist you either by telephone or email. We can even support you on-site for specific HR projects that you wish to undertake.

International Legal Advice

We operate in over 135 countries, giving us the greatest body of employment law across all major regions.

Trusted & Accredited

FMP Global is an award-winning provider of HR & Employment Law support. We’re trusted by our thousands of global clients from small organizations, to large multinationals.

Total Transparency

We appreciate that any legal advice can be costly. That’s why we’ll notify you of all of our employment law support costs up front.