International Payroll Services Meeting

International Payroll Services

Is your company expanding globally? Do you already have an existing presence that needs consolidating? IRIS FMP can help! IRIS FMP provides expert knowledge and high quality international payroll service s across 135 countries to support and co-ordinate your entire payroll operations worldwide.

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Global Payments

Global Payments Services

International payments are more than just funds transmitted across borders. They’re an important part of moving your business forward. Effectively managed, international transactions can strengthen your cross-border business relationships and give you a key competitive advantage.

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International HR Consultancy meeting

International HR

Our multi-country HR advice is at your fingertips time and time again, giving you confidence that you will get a resolution regardless of the complexity of the situation. You’ll have access to multiple tools to manage international employees effectively and keep your business compliant 100% of the time.

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