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FMP Amity Product Guide

FMP Amity is a brand new fully integrated browser-based HR and payroll solution suitable for companies of any size.  Mobile responsive screens allow users to work anywhere on any device making it possible to access real-time business intelligence to improve performance and productivity.  Cost effective, user-friendly and packed with time saving features, people management has never been simpler.

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FMP Payrite Product Guide

FMP Payrite is an HMRC accredited payroll solution that has been supporting the complex needs of payroll professionals for almost thirty years. Continually developed and supported by FMP, its rich and robust functionality makes it the popular choice for SME payroll departments, public sector organisations, busy bureaux and large commercial/retail enterprises. 

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FMP Teamspirit Product Guide

FMP Teamspirit is a modular, yet fully integrated, HR, Payroll and Time & Attendance software solution that streamlines processes to maximise efficiency improvements and generate bottom line savings. This enables businesses to embrace strategic HR transformation which provides the cornerstone for growth and profitability.

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FMP HR Professional Product Guide

We’ve been implementing HR Professional for over 20 years and we understand what is requested in an HR system to meet your needs. The latest version of HR Professional has taken our fully featured software solution and made it even easier to use and quicker to implement so that you can reap the benefits from day one!

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FMP HR Professional Self Service Tool

HRinfo is the e-HR tool that interacts with our HR Professional Personnel software to give you the flexibility to extend the provision of HR information to employees and line managers.HRinfo works through a simple Internet browser and allows the employee to view HR information on themselves and on general HR pages.

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Accreditations and Associations.

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