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FMP Teamspirit Resources

Support for Our HR & Payroll Software Clients

Client Support Teamspirit is not just a fully integrated HR and Payroll software solution, as it also includes a full range of supporting services for each of its Time and Attendance, P11D, Recruitment, HR Personnel and Payroll software modules and its web-based Manager Access, Employee Self Service and eApply (online vacancy application) modules. We fully understand that for you to maximise the potential of Teamspirit software, effective and competent support services must be provided. These functions are the responsibility of […]

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Benefits of Integrating Time and Attendance Software with HR and Payroll

Tracking the time and attendance of employees can be a difficult task for any business. Detailed records will need to be kept to ensure that all employees are being paid the correct amount and that sickness and holiday is correctly recorded. Keeping track of all of this information for each employee can be a daunting assignment, but using HR software to assist in the process can make tracking the time and attendance of employees much easier and more streamlined. For […]

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Fingerprint Identification for Time and Attendance Systems

Employee Time and Attendance Fingerprint Identification is slightly different to fingerprint verification in that it checks against fingerprints held on a database rather than a combination of fingerprint and swipe/ID card. Here we look at how time attendance systems have changed over the years and the dawn of a new era in Time and Attendance with the use of Fingerprint Identification.   How has Time and Attendance Technology Changed? Over the years the ways in which businesses monitor when employees […]

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Online Payslips

An online payslip is basically an electronic version of the usual printed or paper payslip that an employee receives which is available to access securely online from a company intranet or an employee self service facility. This article discusses the benefits of implementing online payslips within an organisation, and what type of companies this applies to.   What are online payslips? An online payslip is basically an electronic version of the usual printed or paper payslip that an employee receives […]

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The Great Payroll Debate – HR or Finance?

Payroll – does it have a real home in an organisation? Most HR and Finance Professionals say they don’t want responsibility for Payroll. So where should it sit in an organisation and more importantly who should manage it? Payroll and HR software specialists FMP HR & Payroll Software try to sum up the debate. Payroll and HR definitely has a correlation – there should be communication and a mutual understanding of each other’s processes. The correct calculation of salaries can […]

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Implementing HR Software in your Organisation

Read about the benefits of HR Software and obtain a list of Teamspirit’s HR Software features. As you learn more about Teamspirit (formerly Bond Teamspirit) HR Software you will become increasingly excited about using it. In order to reap all of the rewards though you need to know how to effectively implement it. When you have the right information there is no doubt your business will get plenty of benefits from using a computerised HR system. Take into account: The […]

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Absence Recording Software

Tackling absence remains one of the most difficult and costly problems for UK businesses to overcome. However, with the help of Teamspirit absence recording software this problem can be effectively measured, managed and reduced. High levels of employee absence incur hidden costs on productivity, on quality of service or product and even client satisfaction and loyalty. Not to mention the impact of absence on employees in terms of increased workloads and pressure on remaining staff as well as on morale […]

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In House Integrated HR and Payroll Software

  FMP HR & Payroll Software, a division of FMP Global (UK) Limited, has 35 years experience in the development of in house payroll and human resources software solutions. During this time, FMP Teamspirit has implemented its integrated HR and Payroll software for almost 500 clients in a wide range of public and private market sectors. FMP HR & Payroll Software work closely with FMP Payroll Services, another division of FMP Global (UK) Limited, a provider of a wide range […]

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Human Resources Software Benefits

Teamspirit Human Resources Software has been designed to provide all of the tools required to transform the HR role into a proactive business focused function. Without the assistance of a good HR system, it is all too easy for HR departments to get caught up with administration rather than focusing on the core business issues. Our Teamspirit Human Resources software provides a simple workflow structure which ensures the system is logical and easy to use. Record information and retain your […]

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New Auto Enrolment Functionality Added to FMP Teamspirit Human Resources Software

The introduction of auto enrolment this year means that employers must enrol all employees who meet the specified age and income requirements onto a qualifying workplace pension scheme (QWPS), unless the employee chooses to opt-out. The date for when this must take place will vary according to the number of employees within an organisation. FMP HR & Payrpll Software has been working closely with the National Employment Savings Trust (NEST) – the workplace pensions provider set up specifically by the […]

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Accreditations and Associations.

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