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FMP Payrite Resources

FMP Payroll System Implementation Services

In normal circumstances, we are able to commence a FMP implementation program approximately 2 to 4 weeks from the date of completion of contract. If schedules permit we will, of course, try to start implementation of your FMP payroll system as soon as possible, within your own requirements. As a guideline, we can say that an implementation of the payroll system is likely to take 24 to 32 weeks (including parallel run) of elapsed time from commencement. Implementation timescales can […]

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Payroll Software Customer Support

As part of your FMP software support contract, your organisation has access to the Payrite Helpdesk. Our support team provides a rapid response service to client enquiries via a dedicated Helpdesk. Payrite Helpdesk support is operated by professional individuals that are knowledgeable of the workings of the Payrite software. The Helpdesk teams are also competent to discuss IT issues and some have the CIPP qualifications. You will find FMP Helpdesk Consultants courteous and patient and able to guide you through […]

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Payroll Solutions – Business Continuity Support

At FMP we do more than provide payroll software. We aim to provide complete payroll solutions to meet your wider business needs, including helping you to plan for the unexpected. Many organisations have ‘disaster recovery’ contingency plans, but these are solely to cover unexpected breakdown of infrastructure. A much more likely and potentially debilitating scenario would be loss of skilled personnel, such as maternity leave, or unplanned sickness. We can help you plan failsafe procedures for these situations and implement […]

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Where Next for Payroll Bureau Services and Accountancy Operatives

An FMP Payroll Services eBook Where Next for Payroll Bureau Services and Accountancy Operatives From the advent of Real Time Information (RTI) to Pension Reform, any provider of payroll services faces an ever more challenging environment when it comes to simply retaining a loyal client base. Both price pressure and declining client loyalty are forcing payroll bureau providers to evaluate their current processes in order to stay competitive, streamlining processing for all value added services to improve client loyalty. Payroll […]

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RTI Payroll Software

Real Time Information (RTI) payroll software made simple with FMP Payrite. FMP HR & Payroll Software, authors of Payrite, has worked closely with HMRC throughout the testing and development stages of RTI and has been awarded HMRC PAYE recognition. You can be confident that FMP Payrite is compliant with new legislation and will fulfil all RTI online filing requirements. The latest release from Payrite gives you the confidence that you are paying the right person the right amount of money, […]

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Auto Enrolment Payroll Software

Addressing the Pension Reform changes FMP have worked closely with The Pension Regulator (TPR) since the conception of Pension Reform to ensure that our payroll software fully supports Auto Enrolment and related pension reforms. Go to our the Case Studies section to see why Generation Financial Services, a firm of independent financial advisers specialising in providing consultancy for Pensions Reform, feel Payrite offers the best solution for Pension Reform in the market. Enhanced Software To address the Pensions Reform changes […]

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Accreditations and Associations.

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