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FMP Amity Resources

Payroll and HR management solutions – Three Tiers of Product Whatever your Business

With almost four decades of experience in designing and implementing payroll and HR management solutions, we are well versed at understanding that clients requirements are rarely the same. Whether you are an SME or an Enterprise organisation, you will both be required to adhere to the latest HR and payroll legislation but apart from that what you need from your HR and payroll software could be entirely different. Amity has been designed to help busy HR departments keep pace with […]

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The Benefits of using Amity Integrated HR and payroll in the Education Sector

Selecting a new integrated HR and payroll system can be an arduous task for any business, especially those that have particularly individual requirements, such as the Education sector, where no standard software solution appears to fit. FMP HR & Payroll Software has a wealth of experience within the education sector with 80 of our almost 500 clients consisting of schools, colleges and universities. Having recognised that the requirements of the education sector can be so vastly different to other business […]

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The Benefits of using Amity Mobile HR Software in the Retail Sector

Due to the its mobile nature, FMP Amity provides a particularly attractive solution to market sectors which have multiple sites and/or expect their employees to work at different locations, which is often the case in the retail sector. With FMP Amity, not only will your employees have access to the usual Self Service functionality that it is typically provided as standard in today’s mobile HR software solutions, but subject to security, users will have access to the full product regardless […]

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Mobile HR Software – Discover Amity

Today’s ever increasing mobile workforce demands mobile HR software solutions that are as flexible as we are. Let’s face it working at a single desk from 9-5 is a distant memory for most of us. The reality is increasingly fitting our work around our home lives and/or working in multiple locations and that’s where Amity excels. The results of some recent independent research conducted on behalf of FMP HR & Payroll Software with industry analyst, Redshift Research, surprisingly highlighted that […]

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Accreditations and Associations.

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