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How to Retain Staff in 2016

Organisations need to look hard at every aspect of staff development, employee well-being and management styles in order to retain staff in 2016.

The good news is that after years of recession, employment rates in the UK are at their highest!

The bad news is that this employment boom has meant that businesses need to work harder in order to safeguard against its best employees being poached by the competition. In 2015, 77% of HR professionals said their organisation had struggled to recruit suitably skilled staff over the previous year and with employment continuing to rise, this can only get tougher in 2016.

Download our eBook and discover how to:

  • Offer strong reasons for employees to stay with your organisation
  • Understand how there is no one size fits all solution to benefits packages
  • Ensure your organisation structure isn’t hindering career progression
  • Why flexible working is increasingly at the heart of successful employee acquisition and retention

With staff retention becoming one of the biggest HR challenges for 2016, download our eBook and understand how a strong HR strategy and management model needs to be joined up to safeguard essential people and skills.

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