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Today’s ever increasing mobile workforce demands mobile HR software solutions that are as flexible as we are. Let’s face it working at a single desk from 9-5 is a distant memory for most of us. The reality is increasingly fitting our work around our home lives and/or working in multiple locations and that’s where Amity excels.

The results of some recent independent research conducted on behalf of FMP HR & Payroll Software with industry analyst, Redshift Research, surprisingly highlighted that for a web-based society, just 5% of employees can access HR and payroll information 24/7.

The research, which surveyed 1,000 employees in UK companies with more than 250 staff, focused on the levels of support that HR departments provide and looked in detail at how accessible and readily available HR information is to today’s modern workforce. As remote and home working becomes more commonplace, HR is under increasing pressure to ensure information is easily available to all staff no matter where they work, something which is clearly lacking.

A clear message from the research is that while organisations in theory offer employees access to HR information, in reality it can often be difficult to reach. It is encouraging that 88% use an online portal to access information, but 40% of staff that work on-site can only access information when they are at their place of work. 7% have no access to portals at all, whilst 15% find it very difficult to use their portals.

The research also highlighted that only 9% of home and remote workers can access HR information via a web browser.

The results of this research further strengthened our case that there was a real gap in the market for a truly mobile HR software solution such as Amity. As well as there being no software to install, Amity uses mobile responsive screens to not only eliminate the need for annoying apps, but offer complete device independence. This means that you can start work on one device and pick up where you left off on an alternative device helping you to get things done, on the go, regardless of your location. What could be simpler?

Most of us have been faced with the scenario of getting home from work and realising that we have forgotten to do something critical, but with Amity this need not be a concern. Subject to security, you will have access to the entire Amity system meaning that you can edit employee information, check holidays, view your dashboard or even run a payroll, giving you the confidence that you are in complete control.

Our full range of Amity mobile HR solutions utilise the very latest in technology and styling and are therefore compatible with all modern browsers including IE, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Read more about the System Requirements in our Technical Specification which can be found under ‘Useful Information’.

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