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Flexible HR & Payroll Solutions

Flexible HR & Payroll Solutions

Perhaps the biggest unique selling point of Teamspirit is the sheer flexibility of the system. Unlike many other off-the-shelf HR and Payroll software, Teamspirit offers the ability of limitless configuration without the need for costly bespoke programming so often associated with software. In other words, we don’t simply supply software, but instead aim to provide tailor-made HR and Payroll solutions.

In its standard form, Teamspirit offers all of the functionality you would expect from a leading integrated HR and Payroll software package. Our 30 years of experience have however taught us that most clients’ requirements are rarely the same and a certain level of configuration is necessary to meet the very specific needs of many organisations.

Teamspirit’s System Manager lies at the heart of the system and controls all of the administration management and configuration aspects of the software using a set of system tools. It is these system tools that allow such a huge level of flexibility to providing targeted HR and Payroll solutions in a cost effective way. For more sophisticated requirements our Business Integrator module can link third party databases and applications.

Teamspirit can be configured in one of two ways; by our team of experienced in-house consultants or with some training by yourselves. Upon request, full user training is provided in the use of the system tools and this makes us unique in the HR and payroll software field.

Unlimited data items, screens, calculations and reports can be added to Teamspirit to meet the individual requirements of the user. Users can also import and export data to and from Teamspirit in any of the common PC formats, such as CSV or Excel.

All statutory upgrades resulting from legislation changes and enhancements are covered as part of the software maintenance agreement and will not be affected by any configuration which is made to Teamspirit. Once training is provided to the user configuration of the system can take place at any time.


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