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Payroll Software – Flexible and Easy to Use

Read about the benefits of Teamspirit Payroll Software, obtain a list of its features and access our guide to successful implementation.

Flexible and easy-to-use, Teamspirit Payroll can be integrated with FMP Teamspirit’s additional modules, including Teamspirit HR, to provide a fully integrated system with a single database, ensuring no data is duplicated.

Teamspirit Payroll Software became one of the first payroll software products to gain accreditation to the HMRC PAYE Recognition Scheme on 3rd July 2012. Prior to this Teamspirit Payroll Software was accredited to the HMRC Payroll Standard Accreditation until it ceased to exist on 5th April 2012, this involved a HMRC audit by the HMRC on an annual basis to check that it met all UK legislation. In fact, Teamspirit Payroll Software was the very first system to be approved under the Payroll Standard accreditation scheme in October 2000.

In addition to the essential business payroll features you would expect, Teamspirit offers some useful extra functionality. The re-run facility allows you to run the payroll as many times as you like for any number of employees, even just one. As well as gross to net, you can perform net to gross calculations. There is no limit to the number of pay elements you can include and the system has the ability to analyse attendance and absence.

Teamspirit Payroll also has several ‘bolt-ons’ for management of Occupational Sick Pay, Pensions, and specialist public sector requirements. It can interface with your accounts system, and includes BACS processing of salaries, PAYE and NIC.

Payroll Business Software – Features      

  • Regular legislation updates
  • Multi-company
  • Net-to-gross and gross-to-net
  • Payroll macros to automate processing
  • Standard or customised payslips
  • Flexible payroll re-run options
  • BACS processing (salaries, PAYE, NIC)
  • Interface to accounts ledger
  • Pensions and Occupational Sick Pay Schemes
  • Multiple pay spines and posts
  • Fully enabled Auto-Enrolment Routines
  • Integration with HMRC for RTI communications

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