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HR Software – Human Resources Software

Read about the benefits of HR Software and obtain a list of Teamspirit’s HR Software features.

Teamspirit HR software is designed with a user-friendly structure that makes the entire module logical and easy to use. As well as recording all the essential employee information, Teamspirit HR software lets you produce strategic management reports and gives you the facilities to ensure your business motivates and retains its best people.

The needs of HR departments vary considerably, so Teamspirit HR software is structured to make it both flexible and affordable. You can buy the complete integrated human resources and payroll software solutions or start with a base system and add additional modules as required. The system links with Microsoft Office allowing letters to be automatically generated.

Teamspirit HR software includes the following functionality as standard:

  • Employee Information (including Equal Opportunities monitoring)
  • Absence Analysis (including Parental Leave reporting)
  • Employee History and Global Statistics (such as point-in-time headcount analysis)
  • Contracts of Employment (including Working Time Monitoring)
  • Training and Qualifications
  • Health and Safety Recording
  • Appraisal Management and Disciplinary Recording
  • Local Government (including Spinal Points and Multiple Posts)

HR Software Features

  • Absence recording/analysis
  • Appraisal management
  • Contracts of employment
  • Equal Opportunity reporting
  • Health & Safety reporting
  • Point in time analysis
  • Qualification records
  • Skill matching
  • Training management
  • Working Time Directive monitoring
  • E-mail controlled workflow functions
  • Right to Work
  • Statistical Analysis


For further information download our Teamspirit HR Software factsheet.

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