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How to Buy From Us

The following information should help you to understand how the buying process works, so that your transition to Teamspirit is seamless and stress free. Using our standard HR and Payroll software we’ll help you to build the right package tailored to your needs and get it working for your business from day one.

With 35 years’ experience in developing software purely dedicated to the requirements of HR and Payroll, FMP HR & Payroll Software has successfully implemented HR and Payroll software for over 500 clients, with between 100 and 50,000 employees, including the private sector and many blue chip organisations.

We specialise in offering a truly integrated HR and Payroll software solution, operating from a single database. This means that it doesn’t matter who enters employee information into the system, it will be possible to view the information anywhere, anytime, in the entire system.

If new information is added to any of the Teamspirit modules (HR, Payroll, Time & Attendance, P11D, Web-based Manager Access and Employee Self Service), which hold data on current employees, the single database is immediately updated regardless of which module it is entered into. This means that subject to security, the data is available and can be viewed in real-time anywhere in the system.

Teamspirit software is, however, modular so you can install modules as required. This allows you to spread your investment over time to suit your budget.

By selecting Teamspirit HR and Payroll Software you will benefit not only from our highly flexible products and services but also take advantage of our commitment to building long-term relationships with all of our clients.

Make an enquiry

In order to successfully implement any new system this depends on choosing the correct systems and software. Of equal importance is the choice of the right solutions provider who actually understands your requirements and whom you can establish an effective working relationship with. Our team of dedicated Account Managers will talk you through the various options that are available to your business and establish what is suitable in your particular circumstances.

Request a demonstration

We will be delighted to visit your business to demonstrate our fully integrated services.

Be aware if you are comparing software solutions that if your chosen solution provider has a truly integrated product with a single database they should be able to demonstrate this to you. If they can’t, then it is more than likely that some form of transferring of information between HR and payroll will be required or worse still that each department will have to duplicate effort by entering the same information separately.

Decide which modules suit your business

Teamspirit integrated HR and Payroll software allows modules to be added either at the point of sale or as the system grows. It is recommended that an audit be carried out initially to establish the exact needs of your business. Payroll Software, Human Resources Software, Recruitment Software, P11D Software and Time and Attendance Software modules are all available and can be demonstrated by our team of Account Managers.

Credibility and Peace of Mind

Any credible software provider will be happy to give you access to a range of client testimonials and case studies and more importantly offer you the opportunity of telephone or reference site visits to demonstrate the effective use of its software with an existing client.

Build a systems implementation plan

Teamspirit will develop with you a Systems Implementation Plan (SIP). This plan is made up of a number of elements and will be fully supported by our Client Services Team. The plan will cover all aspects of the project such as software installation, training, consultancy and a systems review. Your assigned Account Manager will hand over the project to the Client Services Team who will then take over the project through to the operational phase.

Going Live

Once you have ‘gone live’ our dedicated team will help you to get the most out of your HR and Payroll system. The Client Services Team are on hand to help you with your queries and any concerns you may have. In addition you will have full access to our helpdesk and our dedicated client website, which have proved invaluable for many of our clients.

We also provide training, seminars and client awareness days, to further ensure you gain maximum benefit and ROI from your software solution.

HR and Payroll Software – For further information please contact us directly.


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