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Teamspirit frequently asked questions

Please find below a list of frequently asked questions and responses, which may assist you with your evaluation of the FMP Teamspirit Web-Based Employee Self Service software modules.

What is Recruitment Software?

FMP Teamspirit Recruitment Software is packed with many features that will enable your business to track potential employees from their initial application right through to recruitment. The software will enable you to match the potential employee to the criteria of the job, by way of checking skills and qualifications against the vacancy. Added benefits of the software also include the facility to perform any identity checks, the cost of recruitment and even analysing which media is working best for you.
How will my HR Managers and Department Managers benefit?

The vacancy matching systems will allow HR Managers and Department Managers to see how well the applicants are fitting the job. Also once the job has been filled you will be able to analyse exactly how much the exercise has cost, from the time taken to fill the vacancy, the quality of the applicants and which media has worked best. You can also cross check against the equal opportunities process to make sure all criteria have been fulfilled. Streamlining recruitment administration is also a key feature and benefit of the system. Managers will be able to mail merge letters covering interviews, rejections and appointments. In general the paper trail usually associated with the recruitment process should be greatly reduced.
What functionality will Managers be able to access?

  • Managers will be able to:
  • Record job vacancies
  • Record applicants
  • Link application to job
  • Analysis of job application
  • FTE analysis
  • Letter mail merge
  • Application tracking
  • Media and advertising analysis
  • Transfer information between departments
  • Analyse archive data
  • Data protection compliance
  • How easy is it to install the Software?

Very easy, and once you have decided on a reputable supplier and chosen the package that best suits you, it would be advisable to appoint a project manager to oversee the implementation. Draw up a plan of each stage of the implementation between yourself and the supplier. The plan should be reviewed at each key milestone to make sure the Software package is installed on time and on budget. It is also very important to buy in the trust and support of the key staff that will be using the software most frequently.
Will we require training?

Teamspirit Recruitment Software has been designed around a user-friendly interface and will provide a seamless integration with the rest of your Teamspirit systems. Information will be easily transferred to other systems such as Teamspirit HR and Payroll once an appointment has been made, removing the need for the duplication of data. Some formal training in the use of the Teamspirit Recruitment system will be required and will be discussed with you at the start of the project and prior to installation.
What technical support is provided?

Teamspirit will support you all along the way and will give you access to a team of highly professional helpdesk analysts as part of the Software Maintenance contract.
What is Employee Self Service?

Employee Self Service was originally conceived to streamline the process of updating employees' personal data and remove the administrative burden on HR. Employee Self Service has since been extended to encompass much more powerful processing of employee transactional data. In addition to updating personal data such as name, address and next of kin information, Employee Self Service software modules allow employees to complete timesheets, expense claims, holiday requests and other absences online and initiate the workflow associated with their approval. It is this latest functionality which has had the most impact on organisations, whilst an employee’s personal data rarely changes, the completion and approval of timesheets, expense claims and holiday requests are a daily occurrence.
How will my employees benefit?

Employee Self Service software will empower employees to take control of their personal information and update employment records and contact details without having to 'form fill'. The system will enable them to log in and review information held on them. Employee Self Service also allows employees to make decisions on their HR and training needs. Employees can access historical training records and qualifications online without having to contact HR directly. Research has shown that by allowing staff access to their personal records it promotes a more trusting and open working environment.
What functionality will employees be able to access?

Subject to security, employees will be able to:
  • View and update personal data at any time from any place that has access to the network, whenever it is convenient for them
  • View holiday entitlement available and taken balances
  • Request and approval of holidays and other absences e.g.: compassionate leave
  • Enter personal timesheets
  • Enter expense claims and monitor their approval
  • View and/or print their current and previous payslips
  • View training and qualifications data.

How will a manager benefit from Employee Self Service?

Self Service will enable managers to approve holiday requests quickly, analyse staff attendance and evaluate staff training requests at a touch of a button. They will also be able to check or input employee payroll data and approve employee timesheets, helping to improve and maintain the accuracy of data.
Is installing a new system disruptive to the business?

Not at all. We suggest that a small implementation team is set up to manage and introduce Employee Self Service. Our experience has shown that most of our clients want to ease their system in gently with the minimum of disruption. By gaining confidence through a 'read only' access area, where name and address details can be checked, employees and managers will build up their confidence quickly and learn to trust the system. From here they can progress on to accessing and changing simple data to finally being able to use all of the system's functionality. You can read more detail about what's involved in implementing Employee Self Service Software here.
Will we require any training?

Some training will be required to ensure that your Employee Self Service software provides the maximum return on investment. Training requirements and the associated costs are discussed at the start of the project, prior to installation.
What technical support is provided?

In addition to the training at the start of your project, your Teamspirit purchase will also give you access to our team of qualified and experienced helpdesk analysts as part of your software maintenance contract. You will also have access to our dedicated client website where additional technical information can be found including Helpdesk Bulletins and Software Release Notes. If you would like more information on how Teamspirit employee self service software can benefit your organisation please contact us.
How does a business assess their requirements for HR and Payroll software?

The purchase of a new HR and Payroll software system should not be taken lightly; there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration to establish your requirements prior to making contact with potential suppliers. Sufficient planning at the start of your project and being clear on the requirements of your business from the outset will help to ensure that your project runs smoothly from start to finish.
  What are the advantages of integrated HR and Payroll software?

There are many advantages to using integrated HR and Payroll software with a single database but perhaps the biggest advantages to your business will be time saved and increased efficiency due to the fact that you no longer have to duplicate information into standalone HR and Payroll systems. A single fully integrated HR and Payroll system will provide you with a single point of entry and the ability to view information immediately anywhere within the system, subject to the level of access which you have been granted.
Why is it important to choose payroll software that is Inland Revenue/HMRC approved?

If you want to ensure that you pay your staff accurately and on time it is crucial that you select a Payroll software solution that is accredited to the HMRC Payroll Standard. The HMRC Payroll Standard ensures that the Payroll software solution being accredited is fully compliant with the latest payroll rules and legislation, thus giving businesses that choose the software peace of mind that their payroll will be calculated correctly and their staff will be paid accurately. It is important to note that Payroll software which is accredited to the HMRC Payroll Standard is required to be reaccredited each year to ensure its compliance with current legislation.
What are Teamspirit software capabilities?

Teamspirit offers a range of modular yet fully integrated solutions for HR, Payroll, Time & Attendance, Recruitment, P11D and web-based Manager/Employee Self-Service and an online vacancy application module called eApply. For a full list of features and benefits please refer to the Products page of our website or request copies of our factsheets.
What size of company is Teamspirit software designed for?

Teamspirit software has been designed for companies with 100+ employees and has been successfully implemented at over 500 UK organisations with between 100 and 50,000 employees.
Is there a limit to the size of the database?

There is no practical limit imposed on the size of the database, the only limits are restrictions implied by Microsoft, SQL Server, therefore we have clients using Teamspirit to hold tens of thousands of employee records with no reported problems.
Which industry areas is the software used in?

Teamspirit software is used in a wide range of public and private industry sectors, however FMP Teamspirit has particular knowledge of implementing HR and Payroll software solutions for organisations in the Retail, Manufacturing, Transport and Logistics, Charity/Not-for-Profit, Education and local authority sectors.
What are the options for implementing Teamspirit software within an organisation?

FMP Teamspirit recognise that the HR and Payroll software requirements of one business rarely match the requirements of another, it is therefore extremely flexible in the range of solutions that it can offer. FMP Teamspirit’s HR and Payroll software can be implemented as a totally in-house software solution, on a hosted/’SaaS’ (Software as a Service) basis, fully outsourced through our affiliated division, FMP Payroll Services or any mix of these three solutions.
What are the minimum system requirements for running Teamspirit software in-house?

There are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration when installing Teamspirit, we therefore recommend that prior to your purchase of Teamspirit that you request a copy of the FMP Teamspirit Operating Environment Document. This document can be obtained from our sales department by telephoning 01376 519413, by email or by completing our online information request form.
Is Teamspirit software a Windows system?

Our core Teamspirit software is a Client Server Windows application. We also provide web-browser solutions for Manager/Employee Self Service and an online application system called eApply.
How quickly can Teamspirit be implemented?

A typical Teamspirit installation can take anything from 3 to 6 months until ‘Go Live’, but is very dependent on a number of factors: the number of software modules purchased, if the installation is going to be phased, how many parallel runs you plan to carry out, any specific rules that your organisation has, any specialist configuration that needs to be carried out to meet your individual requirements and how much training we have recommended/you have requested. Once we have established your exact requirements a detailed project plan/SIP (System Implementation Plan) will be put together which details each stage of the project and anticipated timescales from installation to ‘Go Live’.
How is Teamspirit used on a day-to-day basis?

The way in which Teamspirit HR and Payroll software is used is again very dependent on the individual needs of a particular business and the number of software modules purchased to meet those needs. It is important to note is that Teamspirit is an extremely functionally rich solution which has been designed to meet the HR, Payroll and Time & Attendance needs of businesses with 100+ employees. Any functionality which is required but not included within the standard system can usually be configured by one of our experienced Consultants. Any configuration work would be discussed with you prior to your purchase and a full specification and quotation provided.
What training is required to use the software?

As with any software package, a certain degree of training is required to ensure that you get the maximum return on your investment. The amount of training that will be required to use Teamspirit will be based on the number of modules you have purchased, how you intend to use the system and whether we have conducted any specialist configuration to meet your individual requirements. Your training needs will be discussed with you at the start of your project, so the amount of training and the cost of that training will be known prior to installation. In addition to the training provided at the start of your project, you may decide that you require additional training, this could be for new employees who will be using the software (we do not recommend 'hand me down' training), refresher training or training on new functionality that may have been added to Teamspirit. FMP Teamspirit also runs Client Awareness Days and Global Training Courses on particular topics such as Report Writing.
What technical support is provided?

In addition to the training at the start of your project, your Teamspirit purchase will also give you access to our team of qualified and experienced Helpdesk analysts as part of your software maintenance contract should you experience any problems. Our standard Helpdesk hours are 0900 to 1730 Monday to Thursday and 0900 to 1700 on a Friday. You will also have access to our dedicated client website where additional technical information can be found including Helpdesk Bulletins and Software Release Notes etc.
Who are FMP Teamspirit’s existing clients?

FMP Teamspirit currently has in excess of 200 clients with between 100 and 50,000 employees from a range of public and private market sectors. Our clients include Aston Villa Football Club, H&M Hennes, Magna Housing, Newsquest Media Group, Suffolk New College and South Hams District Council. Sample client lists by sector, client testimonials and case studies are published on our website. Some of our clients also speak at the case study sessions at industry events such the CIPD HR Software Show. Prior to your purchase of Teamspirit, telephone and reference sites visits can be provided on request.


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