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FMP Teamspirit.

Integrated HR, Payroll and Time & Attendance Software.

FMP (formerly Bond) Teamspirit is a modular system which allows HR, Payroll and Time and Attendance software to be fully integrated and configured to meet your individual business needs. Simplify your processes, increase efficiency and free up resources to focus on growing your business and maximising profitability.


Bringing simplicity to your
people processes.


Give your company the benefits of Teamspirit.

The universally flexible HR, Payroll and Time & Attendance system.

Tell us what you need and which factors will improve your business efficiency and professionalism. Working together with your future in mind, FMP Teamspirit will build a scalable software system to meet your HR, payroll and time & attendance needs – now, and in the future.

FMP Teamspirit One Database

One Database.

Teamspirit is a fully integrated system, there’s no need to spend time duplicating information – enter an individual’s salary increase in payroll, it can be accessed and viewed simultaneously by HR as well, keeping your information accurate, consistent and improving business efficiency.


FMP Teamspirit Fully Configurable

Fully configurable.

You can design your own reports, screens, and calculations so you can see exactly the information you want, presented with effective graphics and real clarity. Anything you change within the system will be compatible with all future upgrades.


Employee Self Service

Employee Self Service.

Employees can use self service capabilities to update their personal details, holiday requests and expense claims directly into the HR system. At the same time, line managers can authorise holidays, sickness forms, timesheets and expenses from any location with internet access.


Strengthen your business.

Safeguard its most important assets – your people.

Access all the tools you need to transform your HR, Payroll and Time & Attendance system with seamless and proactive business controls.

A complete solution:

Teamspirit will empower management strategies, streamline costs and deliver greater workforce analytics direct to your desktop.


Have it hosted

Minimise your financial outlay and save the costs associated with the outright purchase and installation of software – let FMP host Teamspirit for you. You still receive all the benefits of a fully functional HR, payroll and/or time & attendance system and we take total responsibility for maintenance, software enhancements and upgrades. Outsourcing tasks, such as the processing of your payroll and the production of your payslips, can further reduce the administrative burden on your business and provide additional contingency in the event of a disaster.




Support at your side.

FMP Teamspirit offers a wide range of supplementary expert support services including:

  • UK based helpdesk where friendly, experienced staff will help resolve any problems
  • Free software upgrades
  • Project Administration teams who ensure your project remains on track and key milestones are met
  • Training specialists to empower your own staff
  • Configuration specialists to help to adapt and install your system
  • Disaster Recovery solutions to safeguard your records
  • Independent User Groups.

Learn more about Teamspirit integrated HR and payroll software from FMP.

Take the next step.

See what Teamspirit can do for your business.


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Our Clients

While I was initially apprehensive – especially about the introduction of auto-enrolment – FMP Teamspirit managed the process extremely efficiently. It was a very smooth transition and has gone really well.

Ipswich Town Football Club

Quality you can trust.

Teamspirit software was the first system to gain accreditation to the HMRC Payroll Standard and continues to be independently tested to ensure the highest standards of performance.

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