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Payroll Bureau Software for Bureaux and Accountants


FMP has been supplying Payroll software and services for over 30 years – our payroll software pays over 5% of the UK working population. While some Payrite users buy direct from us at FMP, Payrite is also perfectly suited as payroll bureau software, enabling payroll and accountancy businesses to provide their own clients with the benefits of Payrite.

Our clients range from sole practitioners to the large accountancy firms and several of the top payroll bureau services. But it is also widely used by an extensive range of employers in the financial services, general commercial and public sectors.


Extremely Easy To Use

Payrite is extremely easy to use and offers all the core functionality you would expect of a comprehensive payroll solution with unlimited employees and much more. Processing of multiple company, multi payroll payruns, Pension Reform, BACS, Payslips, reporting in batch helps organisations streamline and save significant resources. In addition global components can be set up so that high level payroll settings can be altered across all payrolls with just one click.


Embrace the opportunity for Pension Reform

Payrite can provide a one stop shop for Auto Enrolment to support all your clients’ needs. As payroll becomes more complex and your clients require more support, now is the time to review your software to ensure you are maximising revenue streams and internal efficiencies.


Support for Pension Reform

All of your PAYE clients will need support for Pension Reform, plan now to give them, and your business the best platform:

  • Create and manage Pension schemes for each client’s requirements
  • Process payroll: Automatically calculate deductions and contributions
  • Workforce Assessment Reports
  • Providing the correct tools to your clients to make an informed decision
  • Send Employee communications
  • Send Pension assessment output files direct to Pension provider
  • Directly import opt outs
  • Instruct Pension payments


Enhanced Payroll Software

Enhanced Payroll Software functionality provides:

  • Increased revenue streams for your business
  • Improved internal efficiencies: batch processing for simple payrolls
  • Reduction on internal resources provides direct cost savings
  • Compliance with the latest legislation changes
  • Enhanced interfacing with multiple finance, HR, BACS and 3rd party software



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