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Payrite Full List of Key Features

Payrite is a fully functional modular payroll system that allows users to select the level of functionality that best suits their needs. The main components of each module are laid out below.

Payrite Core

  • Instant net pay results
  • Multi company
  • Multi payroll
  • Unlimited employees
  • Automatic
    • Occupational Maternity Pay
    • Court Orders
    • Pensions Contributions
    • Pro-rata Pay (starters & leavers)
    • P32 (Yellow Book)
    • P45s & address labels
    • Statutory rate changes at year end
    • Year End assistant on screen
    • Recording of P45, P46, P46(Pen), P46(Expat), P38S, P6 and P9
  • Cost splitting and reporting
  • GAYE
  • Multiple payslip types
  • Company logos on payslips
  • Links to
    • Nominal ledgers
    • Time and Attendance
    • HR systems
  • Spreadsheet import and export options
  • Up to 255 user defined pay & deduction elements
  • Net to gross entry & modelling
  • Back dated NI changes
  • Decreasing loans
  • Many standard, exception & reconciliation reports
  • Audit & payroll history
  • National Minimum
  • Wage control

Absence Management

  • Fully configurable company sick pay parameters
  • User defined absence codes
  • Patterned absence reporting and analysis
  • Absence calendar – colour coded absences
  • Extensive absence reporting

Expenses & P11D

  • Essential & casual car users
  • Calculates Class 1A NI
  • Calculates taxable benefits for cars including fuel charge
  • P11D, P11Db, P46(Car)
  • HMRC substitute forms
  • Internet filing of P11D, P11Db and P46(Car)
  • Produces self-assessment P11D letter
  • Expenses paid through payroll or in separate BACSTEL run
  • Reporting on all other benefits, whether paid or not
  • VAT and nominal analysis


  • Seamless link to BACS transmission software (FMP WINBACS)
  • Pays deductions, court orders, pensions, yellow book etc

Save As You Earn (SAYE)

  • Maintains six schemes
  • Can be used for share options
  • On-going accrual
  • Direct payment by

Foreign Currency

  • Payments made in designated foreign currencies

Internet Filing

  • Year End forms P14, P35 & P38A
  • In Year Forms P45 parts 1 and 3, P46, P46(Pen), P46(Expat)
  • Works Number Updates

Data Provisioning Service (DPS)

  • HMRC to Payrite (P6, P9, SL1, SL2, reminder and notifications)

Local Authority/Education Version

  • Pay Spines
  • Multiple Posts
  • Teachers’ Pension returns


  • Defined print sequencing
  • Reporting on:
    • Base files
    • Audit
    • Pay History (across tax periods and years)
  • Customisation of standard reports
  • Output to print, PDF and Excel


  • Importing/exporting of data from/to Payrite utilising csv and fixed file formats


  • ePayslips (automatic email with password protection)
  • eP60
  • eP11D

Advanced Cost Splits

  • Virtual Components
  • Time Management Costing System (TMCS)

Bureau Extras (for payroll Bureaux)

  • ’One click’ output of reports, P45s and payslips
    • Automatic routines for reporting, importing, exporting and calculations
    • Payslip count reporting
  • Front End software for clients

Employee Self Service

  • Online forms (starters, leavers, timesheets, employee maintenance)
  • Validation at point of entry
  • Automated authorisation hierarchy
  • Online Payslips

Support & Training

  • All support and training staff are qualified payroll professionals
  • Dedicated support desk
  • Active user group
  • Business Continuity service available
  • Consultancy, project management & system tailoring and optimisation
  • Regular mailshots and campaigns to client base
  • Regular newsletters
  • Minimum 2 scheduled upgrades per annum – statutory upgrades and system enhancements
  • Online documentation – web help and release notes

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