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Hosted Payroll Solutions

Our client portal and Cloud technology enables us to provide hosted payroll solutions with various opportunities for access and support for both software and part managed solutions.

We provide a dedicated, quality hosting solution with a centre of excellence in the field of data storage, data management and the protection of business critical information. We offer the best possible availability including full fire protection and multiple power supplies.

Deployed via Terminal Services, you will be able to access a dedicated and secure working environment. FMP offers tailor-made connectivity that could enable you to access your data from anywhere with an internet connection. Your payroll will be fully supported by the FMP Payrite Helpdesk and our service includes daily backups, saving time for your own IT department.

For clients who require interfaces to third party systems such as human resources or time and attendance, these can also be provided.

Our hosted payroll solutions offer numerous benefits which will not only be extremely cost effective, but will free up considerable time for staff currently involved in IT administration.

The FMP Payrite disaster recovery policy and plan is detailed below:

The data can be mirrored on another server with little interruption for the client. Daily back-ups of all servers are downloaded and stored off-site for a maximum of 35 days consecutively. Should the 35 day time period not be suitable, this can be amended. Also, these system back-ups are in addition to, not instead of, payroll procedural back-ups. Should you wish, you can take Payroll back-ups and remove them to your local network. They can then be stored in accordance to your local back-up policy.

24 hour monitoring of all hardware, software and network elements.

Hosted Payroll Solution Benefits:

  • Uninterrupted power supply
    Multiple external power feeds to each server are supported by an uninterrupted power supply and generator back-up support.
  • Environmental monitoring
    Environmental sensors continuously report back to the management systems, enabling abnormalities such as fire and water leakages to be detected immediately.
  • Security
    Provides fully trained security guards, intrusion detection equipment, CCTV surveillance and a full access control system.
  • Protection
    An advanced FM200 fire detection system is in operation plus the use of dry-fill sprinkler systems.

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