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Payrite Payroll Software FAQs

Frequently asked questions on FMP Payrite are answered here.

FMP Payrite currently has in excess of 300 clients from a range of public and private market sectors. Our clients include Employer Services Ltd, Armstrong Watson and Nightingale Hammerson. Sample client lists by sector, client testimonials and case studies are published on our website. Prior to your purchase of Payrite, telephone and reference sites visits can be provided on request.
In addition to the training at the start of your project, your Payrite purchase will also give you access to our team of qualified and experienced Helpdesk analysts as part of your software maintenance contract should you experience any problems. Our standard Helpdesk hours are 08.30 to 17.00 Monday to Friday. You will also have access to our dedicated client website where additional technical information can be found including Helpdesk Bulletins and Software Release Notes.
As with any software package, a certain degree of training is required to ensure that you get the maximum return on your investment. The amount of training that will be required to use Payrite will be based on the number of modules you have purchased, how you intend to use the system and whether we have conducted any specialist configuration to meet your individual requirements. Your training needs will be discussed with you at the start of your project, so the amount of training and the cost of that training will be known prior to installation. In addition to the training provided at the start of your project, you may decide that you require additional training; this could be for new employees who will be using the software (we do not recommend hand me down training), refresher training or training on new functionality that may have been added to Payrite.
The way in which Payrite Payroll software is used is again very dependent on the individual needs of a particular business and the number of software modules purchased to meet those needs. It is important to note is that Payrite is an extremely functionally rich solution which has been designed to meet the Payroll needs of businesses of all sizes. Any functionality which is required but not included within the standard system can usually be configured by one of our experienced Consultants. Any configuration work would be discussed with you prior to your purchase and a full specification and quotation provided.
A Payrite installation is very dependent on a number of factors: the number of software modules purchased, if the installation is going to be phased, how many parallel runs you plan to carry out, any specific rules that your organisation has, any specialist configuration that needs to be carried out to meet your individual requirements and how much training we have recommended/you have requested. Once we have established your exact requirements a detailed project plan/SIP (System Implementation Plan) will be put together which details each stage of the project and anticipated timescales from installation to ‘Go Live’.
Payrite is both a 32 and 64-bit Windows payroll solution and can also utilise file servers for data storage that are accessed using file & printing sharing for Microsoft networks. Payrite can also operate within a Citrix or Microsoft Terminal Services environment on many Microsoft supported servers.
In the above specifications the recommended minimums do not consider other software which may be running on the Windows operating system at the same time as Payrite. With networked systems, program response time is dependent on the speed of the server, other applications being handled by the server, and the speed and loading on the network.
FMP Payrite recognise that the Payroll software requirements of one business rarely match the requirements of another, it is therefore extremely flexible in the range of solutions that it can offer. FMP Payrite’s Payroll software can be implemented as a totally in-house software solution, on a hosted basis, fully outsourced through our affiliated division, FMP Payroll Services or any mix of these three solutions.
Payrite software is used in a wide range of public and private industry sectors; however FMP Payrite has particular knowledge of implementing Payroll software solutions for organisations in the Retail, Manufacturing, Transport and Logistics, Charity/Not-for-Profit, Education and local authority sectors.
There is no practical limit imposed on the size of the database, the only limits are restrictions implied by Microsoft.SQL Server, therefore we have clients using Payrite to hold tens of thousands of employee records with no reported problems.

If you have any other questions you’d like to ask please contact our Payrite payroll software team today.

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