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FMP HR Workforce.

Manage change and evolution efficiently and cost-effectively.

FMP HR Workforce (formerly Bond HR Workforce) is ideal for organisations looking for flexible, integrated HR software. Featuring a wide range of modules that provide easy access to strategic information and powerful reporting, as well as being web-ready, HR Workforce offers a cost-effective platform for managing organisational growth and change.


Meeting business objectives
with FMP HR Workforce.








A powerful web-ready tool

Capable of being deployed across the Internet.

Workforce includes a suite of market and application specific modules – HR, Payroll, Training and Recruitment, plus e-Recruiter and e-HR, for the immediate web devolution of all HR processes. It is designed as an inherently web-ready HR software solution, capable of being deployed across the Internet without any additional enabling technology. Its open-system design enables installation on any core platform, ensuring maximum flexibility. Workforce has a completely intuitive user interface that is fully Windows compliant, making extensive use of ‘point and click’ as well as ‘drag and drop’ techniques. Screen graphics, icons, tips and image linking for photographs and scans, are coupled with powerful search and display features that make record selection quick and simple. Several different records can be opened at once, providing instant access to information.

Key features.

  • Diary and Task Manager
  • Image Link for scanned documents and images
  • Soft Screen tools to customise software
  • Flexible reporting for information analysis
  • Comprehensive security for distributed access


Workforce Online for Employees and Managers.

Workforce Online enables you to make any data item from your Workforce database available to employees for viewing and updating – giving people the ability to administer their own personnel records. Personal details can be updated, holiday bookings and training courses requested and vacancies applied for. And by publishing corporate information such as employee handbooks, newsletters and procedure documents, many related queries that would otherwise be directed to HR can be answered by employees themselves.


Security and Authorisation.

Thanks to watertight security controls, you can be confident that Workforce Online users can only see and do what you want them to.



Workforce Online can be configured to determine exactly which information is published, enabling you to reflect your own business processes. Additionally the “look-and-feel” can be re-designed to match your corporate identity and integrate seamlessly with your existing Intranet.



Workforce Online conforms to industry standard web technology with all popular web browsers supported, and we use only standard HTML, Javascript and Perl software to ensure maximum compatibility.

Dramatically reduce routine administration and paperwork for HR.

  • Devolve access to HR information
  • Publish information on the noticeboard
  • Request holiday, book training and apply for vacancies
  • View selected non sensitive data about others
  • Internal telephone & email directory
  • Free HR from routine tasks and enquiries
  • Email authorisation options
  • Optimise information flow
  • Intuitive web browser interface
  • No training overhead for employees
  • Fully customisable
  • Supports ‘kiosk’ access
  • Advanced security with PIN access
  • Real time information and data update
  • Industry standard web technology

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